Twelve years and you still don't get it. I crossed that bridge packed my bags and hit it. No more tears I left my fears lying on the floor. I quit, I’m leaving and I ain’t coming back no more.
Sitting in a silent cave losing me while giving you one last save.
While I was trying to be what you needed, you started a journey and couldn’t complete it.
Walking around in the madness, you did you, and let my heart bleed.
Death to the idea of we, it's over and I hope you can see me walking away.
No more longing and no reason to pray; a lost cause and no reason to pause.
Stop it!
You lost the race.
It ended when I couldn't breath and I felt winded trying to support a hope and dream not for the love of game but for the heart of the team.
Raging against the current, the lessons over and I learned it.
Everything you have to say I already heard it.
Moving on with less weight; memories locked away and nothing new to create.
Stick a fork in it cause it's done; a new beginning with the rising of the sun.
No need trying to dig up old roots. Class is over close the books.
Cash and carry, I'm not the one you go marry.
Save your breath for the next one. I bow out it's over I’m done.
I played the game and pain won.
You had your turn and you blew it.
I already told you that and deep in your heart you already knew it.
Love lost, it’s over and done with the setting of the sun.
No need for Karma I'll pass on the bullshit and drama.
Choices made that we both regret. I forgive but I don’t forget.
Balancing on a tight rope and things never got better like I hoped.
You let me walk that line and thought it was all fine.
Well it wasn’t but don't sweat the small stuff.
I left the madness I had enough.
I don't kiss and tell but I sure wish you well.
I'm sorry just won’t fly.

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