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Big Sal

FREE e-chapbook, 'Verisimilitude: Volume 1', releasing 11-23-18!!!! Will be a FR…

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Brad Hoeppner

I feel so impossibly lost and uncomfortable. I find myself writing these poems a…

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Miss Marie Writes Words I am not a poet - I don’t study literatu…

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Atri Kundu

Atri Kundu hails from a suburban locale in India and writes short fiction, nonfi…

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Trev the Road Poet:

Welcome to the profile and blog of Trev the Road Poet, said to be the UK's most …

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Martin Brenchley

Not sure if I'll be brave enough to contribute, but hoping to.

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Jezer Ureña

I'm a writer, poet, musician, composer, teacher, husband, father, lover, explore…

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Please feel free to visit my War and Remembrance series at the following link. I…

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Jon Stainsby

I am, originally, from Nottingham, and now live in Haarlem, the Netherlands. I…

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Tommy Carroll

All art should be free- as it often already comes at a price. I'm male, worki…

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Ferris Taylor

I love the truth and exploring the many facets thereof with literature. Love G…

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David Franks: Walkabouts Verse

Welcome aboard! I'm David Franks, an English poet plus folk & Christian mus…

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John E Marks

Late 2006, I was told that I had three years left to live. So, welcome to the gh…

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Hello there! Come on in my friend You are more than welcome! Hope you w…

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Ariana Leon

I am 24 year old female from Miami, Fl. I enjoy swimming, cooking, golfing, and…

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From England, Southwest. Living just outside London - zone 4. Physiologically…

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Group Directory

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Ode to Nowhere

Ode to Nowhere is a monthly poetry show focussing on unpublished or less than wi…

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OpenMind is the name of the community arts event/performing arts/production comp…

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Other Wise Words

Other Wise Words is a troop of Spoken Word performers that come together to perf…

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Out The Box Poetry

Out The Box Poetry is a new open mic night in Altrincham at Local Creation - www…

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PANDA - The Performing Arts Network

PANDA - The Performing Arts Network & Development Agency was established in 2004…

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Paper Planes Creative Writing Workshops

You may know Paper Planes from writing work shops and readings or from published…

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Two golden wedding approaching Rossendale'rs,both very very much community spiri…

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Poem Pigeon

Poem Pigeon is a free service for storing and sharing poems. Simply upload yo…

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Poet in the City

Poet in the City is an arts organisation which promotes a love of poetry to new …

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Poet's Corner

Poets Corner is a brand new poetry night set in Hoylake's stunning Glassfire ven…

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Poetry Crowd translation wiki project beta

This project aims to let anyone upload a poem for translation into any language,…

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Poetry for schools

This is an experimental page to encourage the writing and sharing of poems for t…

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Poetry in Translation Group

This is a new area on Write Out Loud to demonstrate the work we have done in get…

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Poetry Luv

Poetry Luv is a modern Poetry and Spoken Word platform in London. We organise ev…

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Poetry Plus

Poetry Plus is the name of the poetry group which meets monthly in Manningtree, …

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PoetryFilm is the highly influential research art project founded by British art…

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Poets of Hip-Hop

ALL POETS WELCOME. . . Check out Big Sal's sophomore anthology dropping Augus…

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