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Mother's Helper

In case you didn't know,
And so you will remember,
Just think of what you hold,
And here is something simple,

And, so you will remember,
I'm tying this string on your finger.
Here is something simple,
Of why you came to be there.

I'm tying this string on your finger,
And mind your mother,
Of why you came to be there,
Think why we took the bother.

And mind your mother,
When you l...

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Songs from Troy

O' sing for Aphrodite, when she fled
The bonds of heaven, to rescue her son,
When trapped in battle at the war of Troy,
Instead of choosing to sit idly by,
She dared to shrug the burden of her tears
And take the winged chariot into battle,
And, reaching for her love, was stopped by spear,
And cries of passion rose against the sky
Before she sought the refuge of her chambers
To mourn the l...

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The Lady Black

The spider in her web, 
Waiting the night, 
Expecting love to come,
And slake her thirst.

She lies wrapped in
Chambers of silk,
And she lays her hand 
Upon the windowsill,
Looking for her lover.

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O' Rose,
my heart once dipped in
thy fount of beauty,
you were there,
beautiful and bare
in your fortified heaven,
and, woe the day
I felt your face upon my palm.

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The Junk Shop

I was lost among the old junk,
in the farthest of corners, when
I heard a clock ticking away.

It had a rhythm of its own,
though the ticks were separate
it appeared to echo instead,

and when I watched the clock face,
the second hand would twitch a bit
before jumping to the next notch.

'Must be a pice of junk,' I thought,
then I looked down and checked my watch,
and it read the sam...

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The Winter Light

How is it so beautiful, winter?
When I look around outside,
I'm reminded how precious the light,
The smiling sun letting me know
The joy in the white of the snow,
And the blessing of time, and open eyes;
How precious the light in this time of year.


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Cold at the Pump

Cold at the pump, I rub my hands together,
But, for a moment, there’s nothing there,
And I search for the pockets of my coat,

My breath faces its very death and fades,
And somewhere in the air, I leave it there,
And notice my time is ticking away,

The cold gets in close and I feel the chill,
When I realize I’m getting mugged by it,
And shiver and shudder at the thought of it,
When all...

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