Meditation on My Happy Place


The world struts and saunters with its many wide wonders

  but nothing compares to my happy place

My thoughts still and slow and I let things go

  when I rest inside my happy place

My fancies run wild and I feel like a child

  when I play within my happy place

I build mind castles and deflate mighty hassles

  when I scheme inside my happy place

I feel sad and alone, so very alone,

  when I allow myself to in my happy place

I explore every notion and feel every emotion

  when I settle well into my happy place

Things feel more profound when no one’s around,

  and there I will heal in my happy place

I start simple and safe with ample self-grace

  whenever I return to my happy place

My bubble may grow, easy and slow,

  if I spend enough time in that happy place

Till one day I find, through presence of mind,

  the whole world’s become my happy place

happy placeHealingsafe place

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Martin Elder

Mon 11th Nov 2019 09:43

The difficulty for many is finding that happy place. It seems like you are able to do so. I am perhaps blessed in that I have more than one both physically metaphorically and spiritually.
I love the way your poem encourages others to seek that place.
Nice one

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Don Matthews

Wed 6th Nov 2019 21:17

Hey Trix, would that also happen to be the Hand of God holding the leaf? Is it possible to hire it?

The reason I ask is Po hired it for a short time and I would also be interested. I like it's ethereal glow.


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Paul Sayer

Wed 6th Nov 2019 20:46

..."Things feel more profound when no one’s around,"

Resonating like a Tibetan Singing bowl trixtex.

528Hz of Mmmmmmm

From one experiencer to another.



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Brian Maryon

Wed 6th Nov 2019 20:23

I don't usually go for poems with a regular repeating line, but this one works for me...although I have to say the notion/emotion rhyme is well worn. Hope you don't mind this honesty. I do like the piece overall Trixtex.

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