Hồ Tây Hà Nội (West Lake, Hanoi)

An emerald blue -

Don’t be fooled by

The sky above’s hue.

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Something Spectacular

Ashen-ed skin,

A delicate hand to touch,

Veined, bruised, and pained.


Senses unfold,

Scent of sweet peony, mixed of

Morphine, sweat and uncertainty.


One room,

Telling one life’s story:

Beginning – middle – end.


“If you could – “

A stupid question

“What would you do, right now?”


           “Something spectacular!”


You shined.


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Dilation -

Two globes, each their own constellation

In cranial orbit.


A sinister wink,

Dexter’s blink.

Both a sphere of sight unknown.


Prisms, I used to hold, change:

Colours unseen unfold.


Our worlds on an axis,

Amidst a multitude of opposing poles.


Let the light in!

Envision conflicting dimensions: one whole.


A pupil until old-ag...

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Containment Veterans

A cacophony of virtual,

    composed voices,

     connected through veins of

      communication in vacuum.


       contemplations vaingloriously

        catapulted via videoconferencing.

         coercively (in)visible, our in-person

          community seemingly vanquished.


           closing our villages

           creates new vanguards.



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Tropical rain vs drizzle

To live a tropical life,

Living ‘the rainy season’,

Is unusual for me,

for where I’m from,

Rain is served with a cup of tea.


Astonished how the force, might and gale of the tropics all

Serve to open one’s eyes to the UK’s, often-paltry, drizzle-fall.


In Hà Nội, motorbikes wade the water,


Markets unwavering to sell fresh produc...

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Rainy Season in Hà Nội


Abrupt – a sudden sweeping;

Disrupting West Lake’s vast serenity.


Erupt – an undulation;

Crescents and slight waves conduct the cityscape.


Via high vantage, the rains bring peace.

As for ancient-modern city streets,

Flooding fails to cease,

Only slow the chaos of life.


Ashen achromatic clouds cradle the relief of green –

Of brown, of branches, of ...

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Not to your former beauty,

Weakened, cracked and pale with age,

Stony face of former onyx glory.


I’ve the skills to restore you,

Replenish you – your intricate features,

The credit I will claim – mine.


Pinpoint precision drill-bits,

To smooth and hollow,

Your now-empty marble veins.


Like a spider battles his wind-blown web,

My craftsmanship, symmetric...

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