Something Spectacular

Ashen-ed skin,

A delicate hand to touch,

Veined, bruised, and pained.


Senses unfold,

Scent of sweet peony, mixed of

Morphine, sweat and uncertainty.


One room,

Telling one life’s story:

Beginning – middle – end.


“If you could – “

A stupid question

“What would you do, right now?”


           “Something spectacular!”


You shined.


“Tell me.”


            I’d walk downstairs,

                        And wash the dishes.”

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Hồ Tây Hà Nội (West Lake, Hanoi) ►


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Stephanie Sampson

Wed 29th Sep 2021 02:36

Thank you all for your comments, for the kind words of encouragement and for some food for thought.

Yes Laura, absolutely - the mundanity of what is considered spectacular by the dying is what makes such a devastating situation cut deeper. But ushering with it a newfound appreciation of the small things, the little (sometimes resented) routines in life.

Thank you again.

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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 28th Sep 2021 20:14

Something clever.

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Laura Taylor

Tue 28th Sep 2021 16:38

Love this. Would question the use of capital letters on lines following commas, but I know some people just prefer it that way.

This reminds me of my current mantra - mundanity is king. It's what we all crave when life throws us sh*t storms.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 28th Sep 2021 15:34

Impressive. The words in the poem are good - "morphine, sweat and uncertainty", for instance - but the words you leave out are equally important.

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Martin Elder

Mon 27th Sep 2021 11:24

This is quite appealing due to the sparseness of words. Those that have been used are done so to good effect.

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