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missed opprotunity for romance (1)

Annabel Lee(inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem(

Since forever

It was my dream

To have a family 

With Annabel Lee


There was no ocean

As deep as my devotion

To Annabel Lee


But Annabel Lee

Goes on sadness sprees

She tears herself apart

And brings her sorrow to me


I wanted to be loved by Annabel Lee

But Annabel Lee only loves misery

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missed opprotunity for romance

My old bottle of perfume

Since I was nine

I had a perfume bottle

I kept for those times

When life feels divine


Many years have passed by

Many tears and many smiles

But nothing I could not presume

Nothing that made me decide

To open my bottle of perfume


I have an old perfume bottle


-I have made it clear

For the moments when life seems

Like a most a...

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