depressions destiny

it's taking over me

i am my own worst enemy

i am hopelessly lost in my own head

my words are so hollow and dead


hands over mouths

hands aroundyour neck as the gasps become howls

you are so cold and alone

you can search but you will never seek your home


crawl right into my face

its such a dead empty place

crawl right out from the inside

forced out by a sou...

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seeping sadness

i would give you the world but it doesn't belong to me

i would give you the universe but its free for everybody

id give you all of me but even im afraid of me


i can't guve you what i have never had

because you took what was never yours so i hope you are glad

you left me empty like a black hole

crushed every part of me and swalloed my soul

you will never cut that noose


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#pain #hurt #real #dark

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