depressions destiny

it's taking over me

i am my own worst enemy

i am hopelessly lost in my own head

my words are so hollow and dead


hands over mouths

hands aroundyour neck as the gasps become howls

you are so cold and alone

you can search but you will never seek your home


crawl right into my face

its such a dead empty place

crawl right out from the inside

forced out by a soul full of lies

you have taken everything

drained the viens and left me with nothing


for years my heart has bleed

dried up skin that i have shed

i was broken from the inside

everything i came to know has slowly withered at my feet and died


the hurt i once shared

i now kept because nobody cared

as my body shrinks away

a;; that is left is dust and decay


the pain i hold in my chest

is death in his best ressed

my heart is black and my hands are cold

my hurt is what the reaper holds


all i had was pain to gainand all i gained was pain injected into my strongest vein

my viens are rust and my heart is decay

all these years walking this path i have lost my way.



◄ seeping sadness


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