love you

Tonight, someome said "love you" to me.

Not the uncomfortable "love you"

Not the forced "love you"

Not the expected "love you".

The "love you" that makes me tear up everytime I think of it.

Such a powerful statement from such a powerful being, was said... to me.

To the person who said that, I needed that way more than you could ever know. 

love you


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Seeing both sides

My sister told me that we are unique.

 that we are extra compassionate 

I asked why, she responded with 

" We have the ability to see both sides".

This helps me understand why it is so difficult to write an opinion or write a complaint. 

Sometimes even validating my own side because I can see the other.

Within power to understand, comes struggle to side

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Don't forget what you have

I think its facinating how my appreciation for home shows up when I return from being away.

I tend to forget what I have right infront of me, until I compare. 


I challenge you 

to take the time, right where you are, right where your home is : to appreciate.

It's not fair to compare.

No one will ever live the life you have lived.

No one has the same beautiful blessings that y...

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Am I "healing"?

I told myself I had healed.

I told myself I had done the work, because I did

Yet when I reflect on myself tonight

hearing about the things I had "left behind"

somehow, I shut down.

I act how I used to act

I find myself comparing myself thinking i'm no better than the situation.

I've heard when triggering situations come back up, and you have to handel them

that youre healin...

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this beautiful boy

For some reason that I can't simply pinpoint, I would do anything for this beautiful boy.

My admiration grows each time I see him

Every second since the day I met him in 5th grade, my heart is set.

Such confliction within

Such battles he has to face before showing up for me. 

My heart still lies weary and vunerable

for one more smile from him, to me.


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Dear God

When I say "dear god", sometimes i'm not even sure what that means. 

I am knowing that god is something bigger. Something more powerful. Something more than the physical. 

To me, god is the spirit of life. God is the spirit of love. God is the spirit of acceptance. 

God is the universe. Mother nature. Connecting with every aspect of your body, physical or not. 

Wrapping its comfy, moss...

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Worth lies beneath

I'm not impressed by your degrees. I'm not impressed by our bank account. I'm not impressed by your car.

I'm impressed by your heart.

I'm impressed by your thoughts.

I'm impressed by your thoughts.

I'm impressed by your presence. 


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