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MAIN COURSE-fresh air

DESSERT- a dwindling portion of time


© Patricia Wilde 14th May 2017

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Jerusalem? nay Mr Blake! Justuselessscum!

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And did those feet

in stolen trainers run amok

on poor Tottenhams burning scene

and have the unholy screaming mobs

on facebook later been?

and did those bastards so incline

to shit forth upon our decent respectful wills

and were communities near unbuilt there

by manic scallies lacking social skills?


bring them their beer filled cans their molotovs


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Widow baiting

appropriately he called her Mona Lisa

according to the same straight faced expression she wore day in day out

but kept that opinion to himself


it had never changed due to the lack of happiness

since the house began aching with the haunted void left by her late husband


yet if by some miracle they were to exchange looks in the street

he could he thought possibly try a coy...

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only the intellectuals need not reach for their Good old days dictionaries

On this falgorious day I am feeling inspidational

the sun is galmindinious all about is borifacional

my mood is merondicious as I go on my themphatic way

hearing the birds nebroficially singing makes my heart feel inspratemussay

I hum a errifatic tune I recall from grenlumeric times

to connosuave rodmentrac thoughts that beautifully transticomitrimes

so dear loniferous reader/s y...

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malignant growth of realisation

A sudden movement on the bread and nut scattered lawn.

Arriving to sit in the sunshine and beginning to groom himself

was a fat bright eyed grey squirrel.


Some call them vermin simply because they aren't a native species

and threaten to outbreed the red squirrel population.

But to me they are nevertheless altogether pleasing to look at if only for their cuteness.


So the...

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For the love of greasy girders

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In exiting the  Ball scratchers Arms

having had my fill of the inebriating

I was nasally magnetised by delicious wave after mouth watering wave

of our local chippy aromas


what is actually a few 'undred yards to its dooer (northern twang for door)

to me 'unger pains seemed like it might have been ont' tuther side of the world

so putting me pins (legs) into six million dollar ...

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Clickety clack

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Then there is the subject of trains

smokily trailing,thunderously railing

whistle a-wailing,taking the strain.


Though I cannot define,every loco station or line

for it would cost me a great number of days!

yet,still I'm so much amazed,how they criss-cross in so many ways

affording us wonderful views from their windows of sceneries sublime


How hard labouring men,trail...

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