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An anti feeling shit at the moment attempt to raise a smile called BARMY BOOKS

Nowhere to piss-by-Lewis Klosed

Over the edge-by-Victoria Fawles

Handbag snatch-by-Percy Stoal

Machine guns-by-Karl Ashnikov

Axeman-by-Ed Honnablok

For the love of a docker-by-Steve Ador

Cheese-by-Gordon Zola

Flooded-by-Lee Kingpype

Russian striptease artist-by-Eva Vestoff

Unexpected costs-by-Bill Hizlarjer

Doorstep choirs-by-Carol Singuss

Audience could not hear-b...

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only memories unwinding

sweet gossamer kisses and 

feather-light skin touches long gone


quietened words no more in

lessened breaths

remembering with tearful sighs

a calming hand against my face


butterfly wing thin veils closing, opening

of their own accord

intermittent shadows

wall dance


crumpled, sad looking

cold satin sheets


blotched cei...

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Timothy Leary ain't dead, man-NO! he's only on the outside looking in!

A cheering up repost for ALL inclusive of the Sherwood Shamen-cum-Guru

Groovy Graham ;0)


Oh! the exploding nineteen sixties

those laughter instigating Rizla roll-ups enhanced with pot

the demise of velvet collared Teddy boys 

and how muchly acid hit the spot!


When so many kaftan'd flocked to Frisco

or chilled out in Marakesh

maybe hitched a ride to Woodstock


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Even eternity itself

is too short

for me to tell you

enough times

how much I love you




Patricia Wilde

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My Yamaha'd version of Psalm 23

This is my stallion petrol nose bag it shall want

it maketh me to blur through green pastures

it leadeth me past standing traffic

it showeth in me signs of a midlife crisis

it speedeth me in mph's of frighteousness for my own mad sake

yea though I ride slowly through the valleys of Rossendale

I will see no speeding ticket cometh through my letter box

the pit holed roads and po...

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In his corridors of the afterglow

Fiery day banked down

subsiding into

the smouldering core

of sunset


and you O wondrous creature!

soon to be caressed

by the unreeling celestial luminaries

enhancing the fluency of nightfall


oft near motionless

monarchic observer

surveying your realm

of the moon powdered acres

with clockwork fashioned turns of your head



and vigila...

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Haiku; illegal loggers

Going against ecological grain

seeing wood not trees

taking the piss and sap



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Jealous of my dark attachment

Struggling up this hill

challenges my age

but poses no problem

for my insubstantial companion


he can even accomplish it lying down!

no aching joints or defiant lungs

in his fleshless boneless body


he WOULD find it easy!

that flat voiceless negative of me

since it is I who am obliged

to keep him in tow!


and despite the fact that at present

he weigh...

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In their unavoidable memories

horrific reminders

keep returning

to page one in the minds of old soldiers


cruelty again sending many

down the same old paths

to be wearily, sadly trod once more

leading to long ago madnesses and chaos


where brotherly ghosts linger

trying to smile with torn faces

trying to wave without hands

yet remaining as hauntingly close ...

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