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These two old farts simplistically routine way of low morale busting

Us two coffin dodgers off pittance pension collecting

fully flowered umbrella protected 

against the descending watery onslaught,

dancing, but not in a happy carefree Gene Kelly

purposely foot soaking way,

but in the opposite pavemented pool avoiding way.


Today is a pissed wet through to our market towns skin

moan worthy Monday midday

but easily, agreeably deferred by ...

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From Woodstock with love, peace, beads, bells, and acid

Sun cooked highway


back seated

welcome A/C cooled car.


Flared denim legs mile upon mile weakened

hash smoking himself to sleep.


Has travelled other journeys too

but not of this earth

diethylamide trips

that always lifted him high and clear

of realities jagged rocks

and into rainbow skies.


But man! those come-downs!


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Shedding gullibility

Time to do away with the bullshit

superficial crap thought necessary

to prop up thin-walled tunnels of materialisms

we have walked through too many times

stopping more than often to purchase fooling fashions.


Growing blinder and dumber

step by duped step.


Insights and beliefs filmed over

with double-dealing fabrications



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Walking with wishes

Oh! this house I pass daily

where my fantasies live

and dreams could be born

the unaccountable times my heart had

and still knocks on its door

the windows I keep looking in

like those of your soul

hoping that one day I will see myself inside

finally coming to life.



Stef Wilde

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Haiku: Demise

From seeds of the earth

grow fruits of natures loom

to be over-ripened by death

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Currency of rainfall

Inspired during last nights most welcome downpour.


Heavens invaluable pennies

continuing on and off

to reimburse our life-saving account.

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Slow return and quick departure

Despite its increased ruinous state, the detritus

how well we recognise and remember this shabby town

toddled these unhappy streets.

For no one in their right mind lives here now

the right-minded simply pass-through


stopover guests of some dire hotel

whose very short stays

were no doubt transfixed with total dissatisfaction.


Abandoned cars, many smashed windows


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DUD (aka) our actual not enough doors away neighbour from hell (part 2)

With a brain no bigger than this pea

With a mind all at sea

With a vow to never leave the self ignited hellish flames

With a preference to wallow in his own sad games

With a cowardly reputation based on hate

With a sick reserve of unwarranted agression he tries to dominate

With a soul empty of truth

With a pack of lies he blames his tormented youth

With a heart black as nig...

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DUD (aka) our actual not enough doors away neighbour from hell (part 1)

Goes out of his way to get in the way of others

typical grin masked snide

a below the belt puncher

paints brave pictures of himself with brushes of self-delusion

his teeth probably blackened by all the lies forced through them

public whinging enemy number one

paranoid prattling prick

detests anyone stealing his thunder

constantly scanning with his cycloptic-like eye ( the o...

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Kid to Killer

entry picture

Little guy

playing shooting games

with other kids

aims his toy gun at them

pulls the plastic trigger.

To him at that time

they are the baddies

although innocent baddies

playtime fodder

for his invisible bullets.


Lining the others up in imaginary crosshairs

and with each trigger pull

he sees them pretending to die,

actions which indelibly plants 

an ov...

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In their unavoidable memories,

horrific reminders,

keep repeating keep returning

to page one in the minds of old soldiers.


Cruelty again sending them all

down the same old paths

to be wearily, sadly, trod once more

leading to long ago madnesses and chaos


where brotherly ghosts linger

trying to smile with torn faces

trying to wave without hands

yet remaini...

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Signs: following her recovery

Bad times have been sent packing

not by the husband

by a certain unseen someone

always close at hand.


With what excitement and joyous sounds

the migratory birds return

having unburdened themselves of a long flight


He pours the tea

they both make themselves comfortable

by the fire that says 'everything is okay now'


and in the morning they will step outsi...

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Haiku: Life

Limited payout

from times bank

placed in holed pocket  

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entry picture

Beautiful congregations

embracing each other

in white silence.


Softest mountains

in a heavenly slideshow

of vapourous landscapes.


An ethereal armada

of everchanging shapes

drifting en masse

without destinations.



Patricia Wilde

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Whale shark

entry picture

We pass boulders representative in size of elephants

winter grey, similarly creased.


A bobbing buoy iconically hatted with a gull

clangs out its presence across the water

but does not distract our widened eyes

from gazing astoundedly

at the semi-submerged lorry-sized

ocean-going giant with a miniature brain


peaceful Mobyesque monster

holding our attention's fo...

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Yemenese death menu


MAIN COURSE-fresh air

DESSERT-a dwindling portion of time 

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Bloodiest flower

entry picture

Roses to be

earthily seething

slowly gaining ascension

culminating in pinnacles of scarlet profusion


eager to taste 

the dewy dawn of first day


thornily clasping

interlacing lattices


slenderly sinuously meandering

seeking the fullness

of summers honey toned light


requiring only the guidance

of loving green fingers

to help prolong their con...

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Haiku; illegal logging

going against ecological grain

seeing wood not trees

taking the piss and sap

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