GO! little Gosling GO!

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They are required by nature

to follow

albeit in a dicing with death tumble

richochetting off jutting rocks

when Father calls up the precipitous cliff face

or preferably from high ledge to sea in one precarious plummet

predators do not allow a second chance!


Instinctively they peer into the unknown abyss.

Are they wishing they were made of something a lot heavier

in ...

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an immortal invisibilty

abiding in everything everywhere

even within and immeasureably beyond

the pitiless realms of death.


Relentless traveller

greatly outdistancing

and indiscriminately retrieving


its short lived loan

from the futile graspings

of all things mortal




© Patricia Wilde 24th ...

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After lighting a match

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Expectant opening of palms

lowered over the grate

as a little cheery smoky spiral ascends

to be scattered by icy winds.


From between kindle rafted logs

the ballet of flames begins.

Slowly the gaudy dancers

perform their combustible leapings and curlings

snaking around the dead wood

caressing it like witches fingers.


The crackling cacophony is under way


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Hearth for an avian

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Look sunward comes the golden remedy untrimmed which pours

thenceforward onto thy sill there sits

like cold dawns little bird though he be narrow ledged implores

to be blessed by the first beaming exhibits


Warmed departing doth he with joy

take to winging forth anew

the bright sunrise his high part employs

to enhance the freshly opening blue


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(Dis)member(er) of Parliament

His are not words expressing truth.

Not one of them will give away the devious way

in which their meanings are twisted.


He is not the singer

of whose voice would please Heaven.

He is not the actor who has no problem

in declaring his real self.


Neither and least of all could he ever be

the homeless person struggling to define life.




He is the fat...

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Haiku: Death train

Black buffers loom

disbelieving passengers opening carriage doors

onto the platform of eternity




© Patricia Wilde 16 November 2016 

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Towards revelation

Now of mind

through time aligned

to respect and accept

the parallel of death

its dark irresistable breath

carrying our echoes into enigmatic spaces

unknown places where beliefs may end that once did infer

how foolishly we clung to myths and gods that never were.




© Patricia Wilde 6th November 2016

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Previously posted on 9th April 2016.Repeated with bonfire night in mind-

-re the last stanza.


A cardboard boxes and binbags 'monster'

gathering cobwebs in the roof void above

mountainous obsessing possessions

so many  items we addictively love


a dusty railed regiment of shirts

each once considered a beaut

a stringless guitar split skin toy drum

a little flute s...

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Flawless blush

Roses to be

seething to explore and culminate

in pinnacles of scarlet profusion


eager to taste

the dewy dawn

of first day


thornily clasping

interlacing lattices


slenderly sinously meandering

seeking the fullness

of honey toned light


needing the guidance

of loving green fingers

to conspire with the secrets of the sun



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During starlight

Glowing windows

stepping the valley hillsides

flickering like fireflies

until surrendering to the superior congregation of darkness.



effigies of Godliness

whitely contrasting with the tenebrous gloom

bleating vocal anthologies of pitifulness.


An Owl unfolds and paley ascends

predatorily ghosting wind whispered fields

while obscured in the fretwork of ...

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precursor to a violent future?

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these are two long ago incidents I regard as back stabbing ghosts of my then slow to respond inactive self that I am well and truly haunted by-both true.


gobsmacking incident number one


Pub closing time.

Cunt aka motherfucker walks by our table

and without asking for my permission 

places his arm around my then girlfriends(now wife)shoulder

kisses her then slopes off ca...

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jugging and jigging

All this dancing! my heartbeat racing!

legs twirling arms raised hands grabbing fistfuls of air

a relese from rigidity

a self enforced temporary revisit to youthful flexibilty

moods swing to the better


should I beer-brimmed or more

stumble and fall

leave me-let me lie and be a foolish island


circumnavigate my clothed shores with amusement

at my contentment to r...

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Once again

and no matter how I try


sleep is'nt going to be easily achieved.


I lie in bed

between insomnia and the entrance to a somewhere

hearing the after midnight mayhem

being played out

an enforced dictation of screams and shouts

of the big bad boys and girls


drink fuelled crazies

with their big bad anti-social roaring toys

tearing up the st...

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too late

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Pack horsed

with national pride

venturing into a vast empty region

sub zero kingdom of frozen sea


to valiantly stubbornly plant the first flag

even prepared

to be sacrificed to the histories of great losses

forever remembered aftermaths of failure


a chilling memory never disappearing

unlike these heroes

over blank horizons.


Howling snow s...

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Haiku: wound up

Defaced clockheads

fingers always pointing

to nothing past nothing.




© Stef Wilde 22nd June 2016

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pub game

I pass!

rapping knuckles

doubly repeating

at irregular intervals.


One hums to himself

reading each share

from the shuffled

white dotted black slabs

face down among beer slops.




© Stef Wilde 21st June 2016

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unanswerable question


can one

eradicate hate


one hates it?



© Patricia Wilde 18th June 2016

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Rowing at Dover

Oaring the boat along gently.

Sat in the stern

my wife.

She tucks into a poetry book.


Off to my left,the huge iconic chalky face

with green hair,overlooks our insignificent presence.


Below their roof of these waters

swim many varieties of marine life

with many varieties of names

that many varieties of humans

have given them


and I am more than gratefu...

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Timothy Leary ain't dead man-no!-he's only outside looking in!

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Oh! the explosive nineteen sixties!

those lovely Rizla faggies enhanced with  pot

the demise of velvet collared Teddy boys

and how muchly acid hit the spot


when so many kaftan'd flocked to Frisco

or chilled out in Marakesh

maybe hitched a ride to Woodstock

when flowers in their hair were fresh.


Many Legends of those swinging scenes

carry on performing to this d...

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Bothersome bygones

tiresome trinkets


not having had their day






out of reach lands

refusing to be banished

or be put to the sword


scant dews of happiness

to drink thereof


reopening wounding entry

into a never completely ransacked house


irritating irremoveable installations

somehow entitled to darkly disturb


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cause and effect

Dictatorily cloning the children

in their own misshapen parental image

enforcing samespeak

disallowing them all

to become the gift

that each one is



© Stef Wilde 22nd May 2016

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Quadruple 6

Haiku; (5-7-5) Cat


Stealthily slinking feline bird killer

Miaowing milk lapping hissing dog hating mouser

Furniture scratching night time prowler




Haiku; (5-7-5) Hills


Risen giants in verdurous clothing

Sky reaching elevations occasionally wearing cloudy hats

Shale and boulder patched uplands



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Quadruple 5

Haiku; (5-7-5) Beached.


Barnacle encrusted misguided spouting submariners

Dying drying out Moby mountains of blubber

Liquorice lips in downturned postion.



Haiku; (5-7-5) Canals


Elongated pathways of barged waters

Duck and Swan'd liquid roads intermittently locked

Excavated earth tons fluidly replaced



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Safe? marooned?

I have this uncertainty

whether or not

to drown

in the sea

of your love.


My heart

will not swim

in doubt

of what

lies beneath

its surface.


Leave me

like this

for now

on this


of indescision.



I must bide

until the truth rises

and unifies.





© Patricia Wilde April ...

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praising toleration


so harsh,so wild, doth the upper tempests blow

light,to thine eyes,falls dim

sunlight dismissed,dark full insists

in this tenebrous sea,all shadows here do swim.


Thunders terrible,rolling voice,lightnings fearsome flash!

clouds,rain swollen,unclasp their hold

though far below,is cursed this dire show

unrelenting ne'er less,high furies more loud unfold.



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typical siege

Head house

under attack once more

by the unforgiving baddies

no surprise there then.


Problem is

the forgiving goodies

are starting to drag their feet

arriving later and later.


ah well,time for a seminal break


while my positivity dresses up

in white robes

and reinvents itself as God

bringing shedloads of redemption.




why can't th...

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a love letter I should have sent

I know

my patience

will melt the ice

around your heart

slowly setting it free to find its way

to a heaven I am making for our eventual togetherness

until then my loves goes with you and my patience will never rest

my patience knows no bounds,my patience never loses,the needs of my soul won't allow it to.




© Stef ...

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Duping the duper

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Sly pretentions hid themselves

in the words she gave to this,my heart

she thought captured

that it would believe

they were messengers of love.


Her intentions,glazed with skilful deception

and perceptions,that I had become her fool

deemed to be poorly schooled

in the art of defence against manipulation


How deviously,she had sighted my inner lonelinesses


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curvature travelled

glory spent


dawdling sun

nearing full descent




wave broken paths

to the horizon.



of daylight



to the crowding empire

of night


paley illuminating

silvery tendrils unfolding




is the touch


to earths face.



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stitch THIS!

me,Stef Wilde,

one time kid of a fuckall childhood

probably concieved in some shit hole.

Brought up on too many thick ears,scroungings,left overs and corner shop shite

on rare occasions when dad had'nt pissed his wages up the wall.


Skinny can-kicking short trousered little bastard

in the days when arse wiping social workers were not in fashion

trying my best not to use th...

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Silver fruition

With the dust

of the days far flung brilliance

still in my eyes


I am at one

with night

the presiding Lord

of all darknesse's


ripening to backdrop

heavens glittering parades

those crystalline orchards


among whose branchings

has grown a glimmer

one that has always

shone brighter

than all


it is a beacon of hope

it is a guiding light


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Quadruple 4

Haiku; Hillsborough


Ninety six souls can rest

No more lies the whip comes down

Blue uniformed back red striped


Haiku; Common sense


Age prevails small wrongs uprooted

New tree's of wisdom begin bearing fruit

Consumptions of sweeter clarifications digested


Haiku; Shotokan Karate


Empty hands accurately striking weapons

Self de...

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Quadruple 3

Haiku; Juggernauts


House sized multiple wheeled giants

Gargantuan diesel'd deliverers of everybody's everyday needs

Crocodiling occupiers of inside lanes


Haiku; Flowers


Winters Summer dreaming sleeping seeds

Dressers to be in natures beautiful costumes

Eye and heart pleasing sunbathers


Haiku; Idiot




Front to back think...

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Sad cause without effect

Yet again

yet again

yet again.....zzzzzzzz

he's here



so weakly

attempting to clone

the thoughts of others

into his

mishapen way

of thinking










his own words

that could

and should

be put

to a better use

words that

must be


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Quadruple 2



Haiku; Off to see the Wizard


Dorothy sings of over the Rainbow

Scarecrow Tin man Lion and Toto accompanied

Yellow brick roadworthy Oz seekers



Haiku; Fledglings


Testing air as if water

Nervous on the wing trying half lengths

Little strokes before Oceanic flight




Haiku; Etheral singer


Cathedrals of cumulou...

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Quadruple 1


Haiku; anti-socialite

Bully cock of the walk

Ignorant thuggish dominator of his fearing neighbourhood

Dead head walking going nowhere.



Haiku; Sun and Moon

Players of hide and seek

Planetary giants being found by each other

In dark and light places



Haiku; Earth

Beautiful gift in our hands

Questioning our dubious considerations...

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Haiku; illegal logging

Going against the green grain

Not seeing the tree's only the wood

Taking the piss and the sap






© Patricia and Stef Wilde 19th April 2016 

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Haiku; Backstabber

Dodderering sheeperson wearing false friendship

Sharpening knife under cover of deceitful darkness

Dopey dithering dropper of gutless hints




© Patricia and Stefan Wilde 19th April 2016   

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Haiku; Prosthetics

Replacements costing arms and legs

Going out on various limbs of duplication

All taken in their strides




Patricia Wilde 19th April 2016

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Dallas Nightmare

entry picture

In my sleep

I see myself

crouching at the window

of some kind of library

a smoking rifle in my hands

people are running everywhere


somebody down there

in the back seat of a limo

appears to be dead


what looks like Mafia members and teamsters

are applauding me


suddenly John Kennedys ghost appears

laughing and whispering in my ear

Jack Rubys gonna...

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Haiku; Motorcycling aka getting a life

entry picture

Cubically capacitated spin doctors of speed

Mechanically born in engines

Roaringly instigating wheeled revolutions.




© Stef Wilde April 17th 2016

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Haiku; Dummy throwers

They can't stand kitchen heat

Others can and do so sociably

Such are the differences between mice and haikuists


© Stef Wilde April 17th 2016 

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Haiku; board game of days

Life takes Time

Time takes Life

Stalemates continue




© Stef Wilde April 16th 2016


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In the shadow of the swastika

Stalking those who are thought to trample on the worthinesse's of poetry

assumed to be joy riding its words and meanings over a cliff

there is a toothless dark beast

in his shadowed lair of pomposity and self righteousness,squirming.


Dressed up in fascist hatred

and ignorantly musing there,alone

will not let anyone less than master race perfect,be.


'What big foolish,...

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Being me

I have a realistic streak

of the here and now kind

look closely

and you will see

the truth I have acquired

from the books of life.


More precious to me than-



and bullshit.




© Stef Wilde 13th April 2016




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Gang member-Deceasing

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His crying out

only adds more ugliness to the scene

and becomes a self made requiem


With chaos in his eyes

and toy heroism gone

he is discovering how pathetic it was

to think false bravado alone

provided invincibility.


There was never going to be

a medal for all the savagery

dealt out by you to the innocents.


This is your inevitable prize

the bla...

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Justuselessscum (revamped version)

entry picture

(Remembering the Tottenham riots-apologies Mr. Blake)


And did those feet in stolen trainers run amok

on Tottenhams burning scene

and have the unholy screaming mobs on facebook later been?

and did the 'effluent' so incline

to shit forth upon our decent respected wills

and were the communities near unbuilt there

by manic scallies lacking social skills.


Bring them th...

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Barmy book titles (additions anyone?)

Before I make this list out

and concerning books

I would just like to tell you all

that after reading

'The Art Of Cake Shagging'

I was fucking discustard!


So here goes........

Inconvenience by Lewis Klosed

Don't eat there! by Francis Tewfrogged

Over in a barrel by Victoria Fawles

Handbag snatch by Percy Stowlen

Hit and run by Mo Down

Machine guns by Karl As...

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Logie box scholar

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As per,I attend

the air headed

Open University

of T.V.


Perhaps one day for viewing services rendered

I will be awarded a Master of Diminished Resposibilties degree

along with a Doctorate

in the absofuckinglute detestation

of big girls blousey football.


As long as I don't catch celebrity sickness

or get brainwashed by senseless soaps.


There again


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Haiku: Headlines

No bad news is good

but no good news is really bad

when no news comes....WORRY!

**** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


Patricia Wilde April 2016 

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