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Beautiful congregations

embracing each other

in white silence.


Softest mountains

in a heavenly slideshow

of vapourous landscapes.


An ethereal armada

of everchanging shapes

drifting en masse

without destinations.



Patricia Wilde

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Whale shark

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We pass boulders representative in size of elephants

winter grey, similarly creased.


A bobbing buoy iconically hatted with a gull

clangs out its presence across the water

but does not distract our widened eyes

from gazing astoundedly

at the semi-submerged lorry-sized

ocean-going giant with a miniature brain


peaceful Mobyesque monster

holding our attention's fo...

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Yemenese death menu


MAIN COURSE-fresh air

DESSERT-a dwindling portion of time 

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Little Monarch

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Deeply within am I struck!

watching the shimmering flightof this gaudy projectile, iridescent diver

speed fishing, flashing by O! so majestically!


No sooner returned to perch

on the wispiest of branches, than in a trice

having contemplated his next targetted plunge-is gone!

spear shaping his miraculously plumed body

he pierces the rivers undulating face

in a dart-like ...

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Bloodiest flower

entry picture

Roses to be

earthily seething

slowly gaining ascension

culminating in pinnacles of scarlet profusion


eager to taste 

the dewy dawn of first day


thornily clasping

interlacing lattices


slenderly sinuously meandering

seeking the fullness

of summers honey toned light


requiring only the guidance

of loving green fingers

to help prolong their con...

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Haiku; illegal logging

going against ecological grain

seeing wood not trees

taking the piss and sap

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