Gypsy bride.

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When we walk to the river at nite with torches lit

Swim under Selene’s opal gauze and gaze

Then you’ll have words for me

Your hair water-bathed and eyes brilliant

When we go home to read Circe’s stories once more 

Make love under a mythic sky

Then you’ll have words for me

The shoes I made, embroidered Cybele at the door

New books you bought me about ancient dream temples

Marissa flooding the little house with her music

Unearth what is in me and make it yours

I Dress me in azure velvet and wear my silver medallions

The vampiress that sleeps in your welcome bed

This is how you see me and I swear my devoted ghost

That the new night will be ours despite the starry void

Then you’ll have a greater love for me.

Then you’ll have words for me.

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