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Last Night You Held My Skin Between Your Fingertips

Last night you held my skin between your fingertips;
You washed slow kisses upon my parted lips.
Last night you drew circles across my across my thighs, upon my naked knee;
And gave your closeness to me.

Last night you left lotus-marks upon my throat,
Your eyes seethed against mine, where I had grown remote.
Last night the night lengthened to conceal in billows of silk bliss
The aching me...

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Horrible Bliss

Very surely I’ve been remiss
To imagine you, darling, like this!
Oh, the melded hours have cruelly conspired
To strand me in ecstasies of longing—which I so desired!—
To abandon me to oceans of thoughts of your kiss—
It’s a breathless caress, plunged in the shuddering abyss;
Oh, darling, what bitter elation—what horrible bliss!

I’ve made lists which contain nothing but your name!
And of ...

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I Love Too Fast

I love too fast; I want too much.
I’m awake late at night when I think of your touch—
It isn’t a virtue, I couldn’t call it such
I’m a fool; it’s a burden I must carry.

And you’re right to be wary.
I’d even call myself very
Very vain, full of airs
Caught in so many affairs—
Maybe two—maybe more.
Maybe four—it’s not true
I want you,
Won’t you kiss me?
Won’t you ever ever miss me?


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