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My Crazy Diamond

Another song/poem. I wrote, and my sons friend and I recorded, its a bit rough cause it was recorded on his phone, but the words are mine.


My Crazy Diamond


As these words cascade upon the page

I feel a hole inside

Sometimes I shine like you

My crazy diamond.

All my friends say its good to have you back

But I’m not there

I’ll spend another day

Just staring at th...

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Blues For David.

A song I wrote a while ago, I played the guitar when I still could, arthritis in my hands has ended that, My cousins son sang and played the Harmonica and clapped.we never sat down and played it just sent stuff back and forth on the internet until we had something he could mix at his studio. Its about my son who died of a rare bone cancer, Ewings Sarcoma at eighteen years of age.

Blues for Davi...

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TikTok TikTok Tik Tok Times running out...... edited

TikTok TikTok TikTok times running out.


I watched Trump on the TV set

When a loud knocking

Was at my door.

I’d just come from my shower floor.

So I put on a dressing gown.


She stood there wearing a mask

I wandered who I was afraid to ask.

Had I seen her before?

My mate came round 

He had a Hauwai phone

He makes plastic tops for plastic bottles

Here he ...

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Blues for David.

Blues for David


Woke up this morning

I was feeling blue

Looked to my left

Couldn’t see you

Looked to my right

Thats when I knew

Oh my best buddy

Buddy where are you.


I have a million dollars,

And ten tons of gold

That I kept in a locker.

For when us two get old.

But its worth nothing now

Because we’re torn apart

And I know I can’t spend 

I ...

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Blues for David.

I wrote this as a song, when I could strum a bit, arthritis in my fingers has ended that. My cousins son who has a masters in music played the harp and sang. Then he mixed it at his uni studio. Its fitting this was the last I played. Some know I lost my beautiful son to a rare bone cancer five years ago now. 

Blues for David


Woke up this morning

I was feeling blue

Looked to my lef...

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