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The Oak Tree IV



Not one, but two shadows cast onto the ground

The oaks stand vowed apart in pride

Beautifully synchronised

Too stubborn to reach out to touch


As the seasons pass, they spy and hide

With no eyes to watch each other

Fluttering leaves whisper between their worlds

time momentarily stops


Don’t forget….


Dream with me now,   And when...

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lovelove poetryhatton locks

The Oak Tree at Hatton Locks


Looking up while you were fucking me, I tried to grab a falling leaf.

But I missed; I couldn’t quite reach the wish that fluttered in the breeze.

Branches gather, cross and weave our worn anxious self-discoveries

swaying unable to still uncertainty. We circumscribe this Eden as reality.


When I promised forever did you feel time stop?


A treetop to trick and ...

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lovelove poetrylove poemHatton Locks

The Comfort of Strangers at Hatton Locks Car Park



Who is that man

always parked next to us

When we meet early evening

He sits in his seat

Pretending to read a newspaper

While we create mischief

In the back of your car


Who is that woman

Who works in the café

Always friendly and curious

She asked us once

“What we were doing here so late?”

How could we reply


Who are those...

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Hatton LocksloveLove poemlove poetry

Extra Hot, Extra Wet, Extra Shot


If only I could capture

the essence of you

Changeable and variable

bitter and sweet

your love's fresh aroma

makes my heart beat


and if I peer down

I can see through

the froth on top

extra hot, extra wet, extra shot

and there you are

all wonderfully mixed up

within my coffee cup




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lovehatton locks

Popping the loveberry

Popping the loveberry


Amongst nettles and brambles

I’m a jittery shambles

As you shepherd me through

A dusty picnic blanket

Nothing else to eat

 Suppose I’d better start on you


Emotional lightening struck

And I just couldn’t fuck

Not like what I’ve been used too

All experience then must

have duly been flushed

down Hatton café’s only l...

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hatton locksoak tree

The Oak Tree

The Oak Tree


Looking up

while you lay on me

I tried to grab

a falling leaf


but I missed

I couldn’t quite reach

the wish that fluttered past

in the breeze


When I promised forever did you feel time stop?


weaving and crossing

memories gently sway

between the branches

until you spoke


we will make it ours


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oak treehatton lockslove

Hatton Locks

Hatton Locks


I tread the towpath in anticipation

The breeze cool, the sun bright.

Swirling together in hope and indecision

The grasses brush against and tease my skin

A fateful silence filled with intuition


I wait by the café, butterflies outside and within

Texts exchanged and you decide

That opportunity wins your mind

One tea, one cappuccino, man...

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hatton lockslove

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