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Go tell the Riverman.


                    summer rains' quiet incantation, the animals come and go,

                    in the far-distant hills, the snow melts as the river flows;

                    time is a demon

                    the animals know.


                    It’s looking for you, y'know:

                  ...in the abdomen – demon go


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squirming words,

squabbling, fighting, reeling words

sore with myself.

so sore with myself

a world of regret,


this absence of you


O! I wish I could turn words into wishes.

O! I wish my days would fall into line

my eyes rise for you

without the slightest disguise

for you



this evening is so heavy, the rain has been & gone,

these days’ and...

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Words you remember

The wind beside the window

The soul beside my chair

The what that’s here and everywhere

Who cares?


A friend you trust implicitly

A lover you just like

A reckoning, that’s obvious,

Just strife.


A memory that’s falsified

A woman here today

A feeling that’s believable,

I’d say.


The never-ending circle

The beginning in the end

The man who you on...

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It was the model spitfire in your front room window

That separated you from that tribe,

We call ‘the old’.

I saw you sometimes at the shops, your movements slow, deliberate,

Arthritic, I thought, I was wrong.

You carried a basket, the old-fashioned clumpy kind.

And you were always looking behind you. I thought it was the traffic

You feared, but  it was the Messerschmit ME 262 ...

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