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What is this life so full of care
When we have too much time to spare.


Time to spare in great dis-ease

Considering the impact of this vile disease.


Time to see as the hours pass

Only our reflections in the glass.


Time to watch in broad daylight

The streets as empty as the night.


Time to sit and think of others

Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers.



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Jim Saville

NAVIGATORS They call us navigators
As we work all over this land
We’re not Micks, Paddies or taaters
So why can’t you all understand.
True some of us here are Irish
We’re English, Welsh and Scottish too.
So call us the name we’re proud of
As we dig these big ditches for you.
Don’t call us godless heathens
We work as our masters insist.
Working from Monday to Sunday
Following orders...

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