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It is better to

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It is better to

Thursday,11th July 2019


It is better we become sensible

and avoid unnecessary struggle

stop creating problems!

for small and big nations


we may have poverty

and misery too

but how far are we true?

to make others suffer and pass through


how can other nations be made responsible?

for sufferings in the native places

for the unemployme...

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On the face and

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On the face and 

Sunday,24th February 2019


Love emanates from the light

when you are pursuing the right

your heart is filled with the purity

and you think of humanity


life remains not only the dream

but energetic team

that takes onhand the crucial task

and honestly starts the mission


Life is granted you in the form of the journey

by an all-powerful a...

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Love hides pain

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Love hides pain

Sunday,6th January 2019


The person remains trustworthy

and humanly

in all the adversities

with same niceties


if your eyes appeals

then he feels real

in your pain

and smile too


what matters most?

nothing at the cost

for smooth relation

and self-elation


it is to be understood

that what can be good

and what not to be ...

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For the betterment

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For the betterment

Wednesday,2nd January 2019


The strength comes from words

I get up and look onward

with the single aim of delivering

something good for human beings


I try to trace the origin

of love and fee fine

I express whatever emanates from the mind

and put it in the form of thoughts and try to find


the mind and heart are synchronized

they are ...

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Real significance

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Real significance

Saturday,15th December 2018


Why the shaky start today?

it is really worth to find ways

it must have real significance


Hasmukh mehta

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Find no error

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Find no error

Friday,21st September 2018


Find the an exact replica of the mirror

and try to find out an error

you will err

but not find even little flicker


eyes speak no wrong

you can know it for the song

you must have an insight

ti guess and see it right


mirror may give you an no real impression

it shall show only your reflection

but an eyes have...

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With the zeal

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With the zeal

Friday, 29th July 2018


We expect

and act

as per circumstances

and seize the chance


life, as usual, goes on

and the race is won

an effort is always appreciated

when the work is related


it has the tragic events

and they are not deliberately sent

the person is forced to face

and bring the smile on the face


we follow with the ...

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I don't know

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I don't know

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

10:44 AM


I don't know

yet try to go 

by my faith and belif 

it provides me immense relief


I claim nothing 

but He has given me everything 

right from being the honest 

to perform the best


I shall not become the river

but may offer

my knowledge

to rich out an edge


I may stand in the mud 

but the...

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