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Along the avenue

                      Along    The    Avenue           GLA             2021-03-04


            Can you see the picture in full view, to get from A to B from chapter two.                                                     Watch the signs ahead, don’t get led into the blue, or give up, keep on going when you do.

      Regret and sorrow follow you, revisiting old memories to suffer once ag...

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The one wish too far

                One wish too far       GLA         2021-03-01


In the cold light of day, things really change, from the way you felt the last night, It was strange. Now, all was said, were feelings bled upon the kitchen floor, now you think that you can’t even take it anymore, It could be that this was the one wish too far.

One change could be the last one that you make, If you make it y...

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Cats Know what love is

                 Cats know what love is                GLA       2021-02-24


Cats know what love is, I’ve seen it with my eyes, If you’re feeling lonely, to them It’s no suprise. They’ll sit and purr upon your lap, until you push them down. By which time you’ve forgotten the reason for your frown.

They are clued in from the start, as kittens seem to know, their only vocation is to be the...

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Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper GLA 2021-02-22

You can practice all your chops at home until your fingers are all sore, so now you play like Satrinani or those Gods you used to adore. But the only gigs to play now are in your bedroom at your place. You can play to your heart’s content on Zoom -or similar- where latency takes place.

Now, don’t start booking gigs ‘cause there’s nothing you can do, ‘cause ever...

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The Wind

The wind GLA 2021-02-22

One thought, one word, a direction explained, and all at once, a lifetime has changed. Completely different from the one that you’re in, you did not see it come, but that’s where you’ve been.

Don’t look back, that’s what they say, and we are who we are along the way. A dream it was, that I had one day, but somebody said “you can’t reheat a soufflé.

One day, perhaps...

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Melted Cheese

I wish i could spend my life with a breeze that swept my hair back down to to eternity, a way that could sway away all through the trees, with boursin, brie and camembert or any kind of melted cheese.

My doctor , he said go down and hunt for a life of ease, down to a village , down a path where I could rest my head between my knees, Well I can't go now, but someday I hope to go and keep some be...

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dignity within

Dignity Within

Don’t mess with my heart, don’t be too unkind. You don’t know the extent of my love, and what you have in mine.

Don’t mess with my mind, because there’s something you don’t know, that you have the reins to my life and you’d better not let go.

I’ve been down that tunnel of love once before, and I never once asked for more. But you came along and you shattered my dreams, and ...

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Naked                         GLA               2021-02-01                        


 You were born naked, now you die naked in a grave dug in the desert by a man who saved himself from a fate worse than the death he gave to you.                                                                                                          The man he had no name, but he was caught up in the game of...

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Leave me be

 leave me be                          GLA                        23 01 2021


 leave me be as I wait for the shadow across the sky when sunlight makes amends  fleeting glimpses of reality.

Leave me be to make sense that stole away, leaving endless moonlit nights across the seas to drown in thought by death’s last resort  decided the time had come to stop an anguished end for all to leave ...

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For my wife

For My Wife


You captured my heart, a warming embrace.

A love so simple, so full of grace.

A secret to share, our souls laid bare.

The years cannot count our lives that have passed,

Between us we’ve lived, and never shall part.

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Peaceful Ashes

Peaceful Ashes     GLA     2020-12-19

Distant voice can’t understand, holding on to an empty hand,

look away or have a chance to stay.

live without charm, or run to where you are.

There's a way, yet too far, to a southern shore.

A sign: have we time, give me your heart, I’ll give you mine.

Set a spark in my soul - sensibilities, no control.

Chaos petrol fire in the night, glow...

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Living the dream

                                           Living the dream


Living the dream. silent scream, delusions, luminous silliouette reflects mirrors, defined face to waste,fallen from grace: permenant  corrosion, timeless erosion, unstable ground, frail weight falls through the floor.

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Kitten calls

Kitten calls   GLA         2020-12-31


Kittens call- the morning tolls, high pitched squeaks and little paws, withdrawn for now your needle claws, wait for me to wake from slumbers under cotton duvet covers.

Jump and skip onto my head, in the warm and  comfy bed. Meowing for the 'Katkins' call, up and down the curtain crawl. Tiny brothers look the same, tabby markings, feelines tame.


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Time is nothing

Time is nothing                  GLA                        26/10/20

When I find you alone in the morning, I'll spread roses for you in the rain. When the squall of the dew begins falling, as the dawn rises over the plains.

The time is nothing between us, It has seen us together in vain, the years that passed us so slowly, they have left without loss, without gain.

When I look at the past...

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The Commuter

Poem set to music. to hear the song click this link


The Commuter                                     


She takes the train to the city, and spends her time on her nails, her sharp dressed man waits at the station, and she falls into her arms.                                                                                  ...

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The Hundred Acre Wood

The Hundred Acre Wood


I brought a bear from Winnipeg, from Canada he did come.                                   I visited him in London to show him to my son.

Christopher Robin’s favourite bear was living in the zoo, and where it was he came from was why I named him Pooh.

I made up their adventures for them all to pretend, and  looked after each other, they always had their friends.


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JD              GLA                  26/10/20

I open my eyes in the morning, Its calling to me from the shed.          A bottle waits on the table If I’m able thats where I am led.                  I’ll pour out a toast to the dawn of the day, put on my hat, walk into the play, today, Its Hamlet we’re playing. Give me a drink then i’ll say:

Chorus: Give me a double, then another double. Give...

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Try and keep it down.

Click 'Donner' above

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This song is written both musically and lyrically as a homage to Leonard Cohen.

Please click on the link on 'Yesteryear' - above to find the music.

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Please click on link:  'INSOMNIA'  above  to hear the music to accompany this poem/lyric.That is if you want to of course...

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Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor,

Its about time I told you the truth, of how I almost lost all of my youth. With 12 admissions into asylums, in Forty odd years, the rest in recovery or drugged to the eyeballs in tears. Locked in a room-its your prison-but what have you done? Injected and jacketed, left believing that ‘You are the One’. Without window or view, for weeks on end, without a friend thats where you lose...

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Portrait #1


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Dolphin Moon


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Portrait #2


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Miss Spentlove


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Sliding doors

Sliding Doors                                      GLA     27/08/20      82 bpm



She takes the train to the city and spends her time on her nails, her sharp dressed man waits at the station and she falls into her arms. He doesn’t know that she’s busy with her husband on the phone, on the way to her destination to her lover far from home.

Bridge              She walks into the ro...

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Wake up call

Wake Up Call                             GLA 2020-02-20


Lying in a hospital bed the best things are left unsaid

from my point of view.

From the heart I tell you my heart is racing too.

Give me just a few days to say the things I need to.

If I die now, I’ll have to take a bow, but let me live somehow.


My hatred left far behind, your kindness and love combined  kept me tr...

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Bewlay brother

                                        Bewlay brother                    GLA            20-03-05


One eye fixed on a large centred place

Looking from inward out into space

The other blue with constricted hue

An Other-time alien formed in full view

Was that he came from the role that he took

Or did he fulfil the Golden Dawn book

We know what he showed us he gave us the cal...

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A warm embrace

A warm embrace

A warm embrace as once they fell                                                                                                                 Their love transcended every realm                                                                                                                                  And shut their eyes on lavender field                                    ...

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Behind that Jaguar

Behind that Jaguar                GLA                  2020-03-05


Behind that jaguar there is a camellia in bloom

The pink blossom backdrop

Silouettes its perfume.

His noble outline lying in bed

Knowing his place

In the country was bred

With buttons for eyes and batteries to growl

When you squeeze his paw he dutifully howls

He does not know though he guards us today


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Donna                  GLA      27/07/ 20

I like chilli on my donna onions peppers and tomata, swill it down with lager and a toffee honey chaser. Chilli on my donna onions peppers and tomata, swill it down with vodka and a shot of honey chaser.

Please don’t shout in my ear ‘cause you’re spitting in my beer, can you hurry up your order as I’m feeling rather queer. I’ve got this chilli to eat...

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Washing machine

Washing Machine               GLA                04/07/20


You gave it all but they all wanted more. You’ve given too much now, you’ve nothing in store.  A rope like a noose tightens around your neck, then you finally know that its all a stacked deck. How could it turn into a such a crime, to waste so much of their precious time.                                                     You keep ...

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Old home brew

Old Home Brew                 GLA                  21/07/20

Now you wonder ‘what’s it for?’                                                                                                                           As the man in the hat points to the door.                                                                                                                                              ...

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Leave me be

leave me be                          GLA                        23/09/20


 leave me be as I wait for the shadow across the sky when sunlight makes amends  fleeting glimpses of reality.

Leave me be to make sense that stole away, leaving endless moonlit nights across the seas to drown in thought by death’s last resort  decided the time had come to stop an anguished end for all to leave me ...

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Eternal Full Moon

Eternal Full moon


Collision forces life.

Life: Eternal Truth.

Hell vs Hope= Universal Love.

Rainbow notation.

Music from a black hole.

Chemical drip.

Ocean coloured sky.

Revolving cascade.

Eternal full moon.

Compassion: Realisation:

Spiritual awakening.

Sentient being:

Life; Truth; Soul; Peace; Hope, love.


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Silence              rethought                        GLA        18/10/2020


Canvas still, no mark or sound.

Quiet, breath of grace traced anew.

Vast,  heartfelt-undisturbed, inside, sweet spacious thundering silence abides.

Full spectrum, harmonic colour spurts. Colourless impasto hides, yet compressed then splattered onto velvet virgin cloth in rhythm as one possessed.


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POEMS 2020

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