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With you and without “I”, love never runs dry

Without you and with “I”, all claim of love, is a lie

The distance between you and I, creates a hole in my heart

I wish you would fill the hole with your love, by never letting go and staying so close

Wish I could love you without the “I”

and you would love me back without any “you” and “I”

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From me to you and vice versa

Between you and I

There are things that need to flow

That thing is Love

Love is attention, empathy,

An occasional Sympathy

In my perfect world,

I feel full of love, for you and the world,

My perfect world is a superconductor

It can only contain the free-flowing electrons

Those electrons are love

The real world is a semiconductor


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Brands & Symbols

I stand in the middle of the Shapes and Figures

Shades and Colors, Words and Letters, Brands and Symbols

I stare and scan, read the Letters, try to derive a meaning

Association to something deeper than textures and feelings

I find none.

Hollowed, confused, and clueless I stand. I stare and I freeze

I feel trapped and imprisoned by time and the burned out mind

I pray for freedo...

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