My Internet Lamp Purchase

My Internet Lamp Purchase


I just bought this lamp on the internet

The firm sounded good (great website)

The reviews they were good (plenty of them)

So thought I gotta have one, too right


I gave them my online bank details

(Hundred bucks) which did seem a bit rich

But the site got good writeups, seemed reputable

So I thought looks OK, be no hitch




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I am an Age-Old Newbie

I am an age-old newbie

I write amusement, fun

Don't dare come near me doom and gloom

You getting cranky hun?




Don Matthews

July 2020

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The Flat Earth Club's Lucky Dip

The Flat Earth Club's Lucky Dip


Join our famous Flat Earth Club

And enter Lucky Dip

Your chance to dip in box and win

A Round-the-World Cruise Trip



Don Matthews

July 2020

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I Am a Little Gusher

I Am a Little Gusher

I am a little gusher

Gusher with a G

Gushing here and gushing there

In my poetry


I am a monster stomper

Stomper with an S

I like to stomp on little gushers

STOMP....there's now one less


I am a writer/satirist

Writing things to share it

Behaviours will attract my pen

If your cap fits then wear it


Don Matthews


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I've Bought a House in FCS

These days I don't contribute much

On WOL why's that? Becos

I've bought a house in FCS

Signed me, down here in Aus


Wot's FCS?....


For C Sake ?...





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Last 30 Day Tag List

Look at the popular tag list

Tags in the last 30 days

Death,sad, pain, abuse and depression

Has humour taken leave, gone away?



Don Matthews

July 2020





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I Will Survive

Whatever will whatever will

Whatever will will be

But I am gonna, yep, survive

Even if it kills me


Survivor Don
July 2020


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I Promise to Behave Myself

I promise to behave myself

Now I've come back to roost

I'll hold my pen accountable

I will not let it loose


We don't believe you....


Oh ye of WOL of little faith

I am a new-born man

Had all my mischief cleansed (now gone)

No more I mischief can


How boring....





Don Matthews

July 2020


(As promised)  A Poet Don Report ...

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In a Surprise Move FCS Management Approve Loan of Chief Reporter Poet Don to WOL )

                                                                      Poet Don


After much in-depth discussion, we, the Management of Flippant, Comic, and Serious (FCS) have made the un-heard of decision of loaning our chief news reporter Poet Don to WOL (Write Out Loud).


WOL is the home of Poet Don's maker (we understand his maker still has his room there for occasional visits)


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Flippant comic seriousPoet Don

One Platform Two Uses

One Platform Two Uses


A poetry site can be used

As a platform to encourage

Comment and discussion


Or to inflate the ego


Don Matthews

July 2020

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Denim Venom

Denim Venom


Wherefore is thy sting madame?

Wherefore is thy venom?

I see you're wearing dearest brand?

Dearest brand of denim?


High class bitch....





Don Matthews

July 2020


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Where Have You Gone to Poet Don?

Where have you gone to Poet Don

Built base on 'nother planet

Where Thale and I can frolic free

With no-one round to ban it


No disrespect to WOL Thought Police.  They do a good job keeping all the WOL larrikins in order.

Promotion of competition websites on WOL is not allowed Don.

No?  Sorry....






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