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I have no roots –

only memories.


Present becomes past before my eyes

Life is lived, recorded there, somehow,

More or less imperfectly inscribed

Within my head, thus stored behind my brow.

These things exist for me, just in my mind,

For if I try to seek them out again

There’s only ever something new to find:

Nothing in the stillness can remain.


I have no root...

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glopowrimonapowrimoNapowrimo 2019napowrimo Day 12

If you liked my poetry

If I could take the thoughts you most like to think

And sculpt them into text that speaks to you as art,

If I could take the feelings you most want to share

And mirror them in words, reflected in your heart,

Then would you more easily forgive my selfish pen?

Excuse the vacant looks, the lost half-hours when

I am not yours, as I wander some distant mental shore?

If you liked my...

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glopowrimolovenapowrimonapowrimo2019napowrimo2019 Day 6

To someone who somehow knows

Preamble: just a little ditty I threw together for napowrimo day 4, prompt word “radar” from @avolitorial on Instagram. Please read nothing into it - it is not at all based on reality. Honest guv'nor. 


“Hey! How’s things? Are you okay?”

Why did this come from YOU?


Why was I on YOUR radar, when

those closer never knew?


What psychic powers do you own?

What signals d...

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