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December 2023 Collage Poem: Roaring Fire

Santa’s zombies get the message

going in the other direction

writing new lines in a taxi

hiding all the mince pies from the Art Guild


And this isn’t really a poem but it is something

I had to write


Only the dead eat off the page

zombie kids rule INNIT

Grim becomes miserable


Judge the poets in the cardboard box

Santa banned from Stockport for eating


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Roaring FireCollage poemStockport WOLDecember 2023

August Collage Poem: Speaking in Iambics

The fallen unpeopled hallways of life

Do you like marmite?

where did all the grim go? 
Something new to fear beneath the four poster bed
Daughters of despair wait for the hirsute man with the large teeth 
and a penchant for Moonlight Sonata.

Do you like Marmite?

The jukebox unplugged but Beatle songs 
still  haunt the tired rooms.

counting yesterdays over the shadows 

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Speaking in IambicsCollage PoemAugustStockport WOL

Stockport WoL March 2023 Collage Poem: 'Secret Code'

A trawl of brawling sailors drown

            The captain’s thundercloud

A writer’s hat that lights

            Up in the dark

The flash of a photographer’s eyes

The eternal exhibition of white walls


Lines of lamplights on the edge of a field

            Stand vigil for sodden sheep

Seven seconds after hours

            Too many ghost faces

Prayers in eternity ...

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Secret CodeCollage PoemStockport WOLMarch

February 2023 Collage Poem: A Real Revolution

Wash my hands, you bad friend


A doctor remedies the ills of Google


In the Arcade of lust and art, he was

lost, and blinded once outside by the

shadows in the Stockport sun.


With pulsating memories of a shadow in the sun

arcade ecstasy leads to arcade fire

there’s a retro revolution in the suburbs


Gary built a huge bird’s nest and

waited for the feathe...

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Collage PoemStockport WOL

January 2023 Collage Poem: Put on your Slippers and Kill

Restless spirit casts off his friar’s robe

And steps into the fatal arms of love

Let the wound bleed out all the bad blood

From the shadow monk


Lost hippy dancer takes a drug

To take her back but she is now 73

And no one looks anymore


Monks are too Friary


Mary Hopkins put her slippers on and

Whispered to Mao Zedong – put your

Hand in here and start a re...

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Slipperscollage poemStockport WOL

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