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The Wave

Is there sound at the bottom of the wave?

When the crack of my split-fingers breaks silence, and the whip hits the air.

It vibrates. 

Is sound at the bottom of the vibration? 

The crest and the trough sweep the air in back-forthed opposition, so that my fingers: could knock on the door of existence.

When I snap my fingers, does the sound make reverb like a drop in the water? 


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I hear you, sneaking there – whispering among the tree’s, 

A delicate touch, they barely stir, as you dance amongst the leaves. 

You carry scent, the messages of life, as across the land you fly, 

With hidden notes upon your wings, story's spun within the eye. 


Yet upon a whim your attitude can change, your ire you want to show. 

You shake, you roar, you bend and break – you hu...

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Naturewindhurricanelifeworld creationspiritual

Detailed moment


The expanded world in different light,

shadows leaving for the rays of purer sight.

With references from the stars above,

echoes of thunder by distinctive love.


Solar tracks that convey strokes of fate,

just as you thought it’s all to late.

Transcendent gypsy caravan that moves,

towards the mysterious realm approves.


The freedom calling unfaltering trust,


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The Morning, So Calm

Ujjal Mandal, West Bengal, India

The morning was taking a shower
in the honey dew, I asked her
why are you so calm? She told me,
'the deep I am, the less I speak'.

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