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Wife and poetry

Wife and poetry

Monday,12th April 2021


Wife and poetry

both are loved dearly

I can't move a step without

or dare to talk about


wife is my inspiration

a bond with cemented relation

we both care about other humans

and try to make life heaven


love is our forte and wish

we finish

by saying and praying

for their well being


poetry is my passi...

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Face real love

Face real love

Monday,12th April 2021


O, my dream girl

turn your face

and look in my eyes

you shall have a worth trial


it will create ripples

not to struggle

but to face real love

to accept and believe


you shall be floating

and equating

the beating of your heart

with mine as an inseparable part


I call it a different love

for both of ...

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Old age romance

Old age romance

Monday,12th April 2021

She left me behind

with the world unkind

to find ways and means to live alone

as she had already gone


for few days, it went on with sadness

but now was the time to face

the reality

and live with it daily


my heart missed something

to bring

some kind of sweet feeling

as it was common with the human beings



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Beauty and praises

Beauty and praises

Monday,12th April 2021


Human heart sings

and brings

the love on fore

and never feels sore


each human being dreams

and makes team

to work for world peace

and live at an ease


the human heart never wished

to finish

the life of an innocent person

with no reason


this is a real beauty

the secret blessings from an almight...

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Monday,12th April 2021


We all sing about the beautiful side

and decide in the favour

advocate for its splendour

and praise with natural fervour


all said and done

we have shown complete disregard

and looked backwards

with notorious deeds


we have increased the level of carbon dioxide

and thus glaciers are melting

there is a hole in...

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Make earth green

Make earth green

Sunday,11th April 2021



our bright future

for the generation to secure

its place and cure danger


let us preserve

and observe

with keen interest

to protect the forest at our best


the river is our main source

very dominating force

for all of us to have pollution-free drinking water

and keep clean the pure air


let th...

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Take precaution

Take precaution

Sunday,11th April 2021


Never mind

and find

the safe refuge

but don't refuse to follow guidelines


it is not a disease

but may make you decease

from this world

as no effective medicine is found


just follow some advice

and promise

that you shall observe the social distance

and use a mask with no chance of missing


it is a he...

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Poets-quite human

Poet- quite human

Sunday,11th April 2021


A quiet man

can become poet even

lot more has to be revealed

and filled with expressive skill


what takes place in the heart?

that has to come out in the form of art

we call humanitarian gesture

that sings for entire humankind for sure


the pain and agony

suffered by the people for the cause of humanity


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Love-lacks no words

Love -lacks no words

Sunday,11th April 2021

let there be no words

but look forward

with your internal echo

that shall go with heart's beating


you hide everything

still, it shall bring

your desire

on the fore


I shall not wait

for any date

but look through eyes

that shall try to reflect your desire


love lacks no words

eys speak with lord...

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Change behavior

Change behaviour

Saturday,10th April 2021


Whenever I used to return home

I was missing welcome

rather it was hostile reception

very much indicative of spoiled relation


no sweet words

only fight to look forward

with full preparedness for adding fuel to fire

and each word stood with full of satire


why was I burning with so much rage?

why couldn't we st...

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Saturday,10th April 2021


Old school days still fascinate me

we were disciplined and free

always eager to know what is going on

the question was asked and a solution was shown


what a harmony!

and attitude brotherly

we were learning together

with keen interest and sans fear


teachers were held in high esteem

and were known as knowledge beam


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Pattern changes-nature

Pattern change - nature

Saturday,10th April 2021


Nothing to worry

and carry

the impression of being different

it is the nature of human beings at present


how do we survive?

and revive

the true spirit

and greet the people


what affects our personal dealing!

and make thrust upon healing

the wounds of others,

and at the same time feeling reprisal!


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Follow guidelines

Follow guidelines

Saturday,10th April 2021


Never think of café

But stay safe

Life is worth and precious

Think of it as continuous


Human lives are threatened

A new variant of Covid-19 has firmly entered

It is faster in spreading

And leading to pain and anxiety


Even though it is prevalent worldwide

We got to decide

How best can we counter?

When m...

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Soul's bridge

Soul's bridge

Friday,9th April 2021


Love joins

with bonds

and finds

a link with bridge


let it be any age

it manages

special feeling

with willingness


two souls

call each other

come near

and remove the fears


what do we find?


when decide

to come closer

and stay forever


such is the love corridor

to join with an hono...

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Life-one time chance

Life-one time chance

Friday,9th April 2021



it makes your life at an ease

and releases

the energy to survive


who doesn't want to live?

and believe

in peaceful co-existence

and prefer tense life!


life is a one-time chance

to be enjoyed at once

why waste on with the hostility

and bring shame to an almighty!


if peace is regard to huma...

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Life-stiff challenge

Life-stiff challenges

Friday,9th April 2021


Life makes move

and proves

to be difficult

with the inbuilt fears


many people have accepted the challenges

and managed

to swim across

and reached with the success


life starts from the surprise

and surprises

with the problems

but we are in position to tackle them


life can be made an easy task


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My guide-lover

My guide-Lover

Thursday, 8th April 2021


I am what I am!

nothing concerns them

I hold my views

and pay the dues


you are my guide

and shall decide

the future and bring sunshine

and define the role


I am mesmerized by your innocence

but feel love's essence

I feel no regret to take a chance

and watch you across the fence


your fingers move in...

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Best age

Best age

Thursday,8th April 2021


When does the person change?

and manage

his own character

constantly as an actor


childhood is full of innocence

youth is full of vigorous presence

maturity gives energy for full enterprise

and surprise everybody with surprises


mad race is pursued for treasure

and assured

that enough effort is directed

and suffic...

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Show an affection-for woman

Show an affection-For woman

Thursday,8th April 2021


Rather show me an affection

and respect for human relation

I am a woman of strong determination

and shall not be bullied by magic orientation


I shall accept nothing

but shall wish your gesture for something

try to show your respect and honour

then, I shall offer a hand of friendship


we are not a weak e...

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Thursday,8th April 2021

What has anger to do with human beings?

when you can't bring!

harmony and peace

to live at an ease

why failure causes you anger?

and you utter

in disbelief

for getting relief

human tendency is such

when they can't reach

to the satisfaction level

and fail to avail an opportunity

anger arises out of frustration


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Proper woman

Proper woman

Thursday,8th April 2021


It was silvery full moonlight

I felt it right

to go in for love

and believe in its sanctity


was he a proper woman?

for me to dream like a human

was she meant for me on this journey?

I thought so as it was gifted me by an almighty


she was running high temperament

and presented

little careless behaviour

but it...

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Different lines- human beings

 Different lines-Human beings

Wednesday, 7th April 2021


As they try to bring

the interpretation

for humans on the earth

And push them to unnatural death


animals spend time

birds too follow sometimes

But human beings adopt distinct lines

And  define the dominant role


Different laws for human beings

the different beings

How much we care for the poor...

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Eyes turn wet

Eyes turn wet

Wednesday,7th April 2021


My eyes turn wet

and get

flood of emotions

as it neared relation


you were pioneer

and very dear

in shaping my destiny

and stood next to an almighty


how the gardener nurtures plants?

and gets flowers in shape as he wants

the same way you planted enthusiasm

and taught me the lessons of humanism


my ey...

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Flowers-Symbol of beauty

Flowers-Symbol of beauty

Wednesday,7thApril 2021


I am beauty admirer

real follower

and lover

I am a firm believer too


your delicacy

reminds of an almighty

who stands above

but presence makes me believe


my nostrils are filled

with fragrance and leads me

follow with divine feelings

and force me to think as a human being


the gentle air rem...

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Ending life-cowardice

Ending life-Cowardce act

Wednesday,7th April 2021


Is it now cowardice act?

to react

at the pain and anguish,

when life stands not finished!


do we not know the pizzle?

that life has put to people

who are struggling to survive

and live with no sadness


if hardship bothers an individual

he should take it casually

fight out for the betterment

and pr...

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Listen to heart

Listen to heart

Wednesday,7th April 2021


Always give in

to the heart

and not to the mind

to find real love


no one has time

to think from time to time

love has its own place

to face the happiness


love gives happiness

and provides trace

with so much closeness

along with grace from the God


people may disregard

and look downward

with ...

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Bad dream

Bad dream

Tuesday,6th April 2021


Less I thought

more I was caught

in dilemma and confusion

it was just a marked question


I got worried

and carried

deep scar in the mind

to find you leave


you appeared as a shadow

and allowing the departure

from life and leaving in the lurch

I failed to reach your glimpse


more you stepped out,

fewer wo...

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The soul in a body

The soul in a body

Tuesday,6th April 2021


It is not your wish

to finish on your own terms

and try to turn the opinion

without knowing your own conscience


soul is mirror

with no error

but responding in the correct manner

whether it likes by others or not


it has its own reservation

for human relation

whether to go in with a compromise formula

or ...

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Live with resolution

Live with resolution

Tuesday,6th April 2021


Ask not, why?

but try

to live with this simple world

where miseries remain untold!


why do you think so much?

when you have the power to reach

the conclusion

and improve upon the relation


Why should we take echo for an answer?

as it shall not offer

except to repeat the same

no original thing can be fra...

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Tuesday,6th April 2021


So nice and happy meeting

I remember our first greeting

it was our first dating

and I was getting nervous


you spoke nothing

but touched my hand for something

as if you wanted to assure

we have a very nice and bright future


I was slowly dipping down

not knowing about what has gone

but it was a very sweet feeli...

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Working for peace

Working for peace

Sunday,14th March 2021


What do you expect from human beings?

A kind heart to bring

and sing

for harmony and peace


if this so happens!

you can expect heaven

on this lovely earth

where no innocent shall be done to death


if people show a willingness

and find the trace

for harmonious environment

it shall be called the proudest mom...

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Dear shadow

Dear shadow

Friday,2nd April 2021


O, dear shadow

Don't grow

Larger in size

And seize my attention


even though we are one

it has clearly shown

we need not show artificial growth

it is breath taking exercise


let us present

and make statement

shadow is a closely aligned part

and remains together from the start


grow not in stature

big or...

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Season's part

Season's part

Monday,5th April 2021


Have you ever heard?

and exchanged words

with the heart

about nature turning cruel on autumn's start


how nicely we felt for spring?

that tried to bring

the colourful aspect of nature?

for the bright aspect of future


autumn shows its true colour

earth develops cracks here

ponds get dried

animals also cried


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Real refuge

Real refuge

Sunday,14th March 2021


I shall not lose the read

but read

the reality

coupled with the honesty


life has changed a lot

but I have sought

an insight

to feel always right


there is a great transformation

with the lack of information

with no trust in divine happening

and saddening self


evil has gripped and controlled the mind


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