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Truth shall

 Truth shall

Wednesday,15th July 2020


Truth shall prevail

and fail

all lies that are spoken

and driven to the corner


it a general belief

to provide relief

to the troubled mind

with some solution to find


is it possible?

where people struggle!

sometimes resort to lies

and belie the expectations


when God was tortured and stoned!

how com...

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My dream girl - Her

My dream girl- Her

Tuesday,14th July 2020


Love the lady you like

and strike the discordant note

that always hits your mind

and finds no other


why eyes search everywhere?

and get fears

to lose them somewhere

and never tog et from anywhere


what has she so special?

as a good and kind individual!

lovely face and attractive smile

anybody would want ...

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Herculean task and

Herculean task and

Tuesday,14th July 2020


I feel so heavenly

happy and serenely

with no scope to bear grudges

and manage it well


earth has given me a lot to survive

and revive

the spirt of belonging

as human being


it is not a herculean task

but one has to start

with an earnest desire

serve the best and admire


what makes us feel wonderfu...

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Inhale fragrance

Inhale fragrance

Tuesdaym14th July 2020


How to introduce myself?

it is as good as finding treasure in shelf

hidden and invisible to normal eyes

still I pressed myself and tried


not much is there to credit!

or edit

as and when I wanted

it stands as a shunt from an ordinary man to a reasonable person


to become a simple poet

and remain quiet?

it is n...

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Politics- Dirty game

 Politics - Dirty game

Monday,13th July 2020


Politics is absolutely dirty game

With control, mastery over the blame tactics

"lies and arrogance" is basic


Hasmukh Mehta

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Full guarantee

Full guarantee

Monday,13th July 2020


It takes time

you miss train sometimes

nothing goes in favor

only blame and no honor


people say" it is life and journey"

the success is the only key

you need luck and money

this only shall make you happy


the success

it shall give you full access

with a full guarantee and assured future 

the great hope is mak...

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Welcome the change

Welcome the change

Monday,13th Jully 2020


Change is welcome

when comes really

adapt it with full resolve

and solve the burning problems


life shall stagnate

and refuse to relate

with the changing scene

the result has to be seen


if river water remains confined

its calmness can't be defined

if it starts flowing

the change shall be allowed with gre...

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Nobody on earth-poet

Nobody on earth - Poet

Saturday, July 11, 2020

10:09 PM


He can never see

the depth of the sea

but can visualize the bed

and read the holy message


he can't find an answer

but reads it later

without giving much importance

but silently avails the chance


what has he in store?

except to adore

the divine spirit

with a smile on the face to greet


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Liberty to stay

Liberty to stay

Sunday,12th July 2020


how one proposes to lead?

and lead

in his or her way

he should have the liberty to stay


one has full freedom

to show the wisdom

in tackling life's problem

and solve them


life has a purpose

so choose

in your style

and file your existence


life may prove difficult

and cause you embarrassment and ins...

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Work for the

Work for the

Saturday,11th July 2020


Winter may bring in new lease of life

even if it had remained torn with strife

all-round show of new release and energy

it has secret blessings of an almighty


monsoon is not legging behind

it always remains kind

we can find the release of new energy

and shall serve the new booster for humanity


autumn makes a real dif...

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With sturdy silence

With sturdy silence

Friday.10th July 2020


She spoke nothing

as woman being

but heard the words

and looked towards the sky


why human beings are so intolerant?

she had no glorious moments

she was praised all the way

but she had found the safe way


"I won't stay with you"

my journey shall not be smooth through

the comfortable  company

so I shall be...

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Pitiable condition

Pitiable condition

Friday,10th July 2020


So many stories about life and death

really breathe missing events

one has to believe in old quotes

but feel it with sugar-coated pills


no one has seen imaginary land 

where one finds an end

of present birth

and new breathe in another [lace


one may think about good work done

to find the place in heaven

or w...

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COVID-19- Dangerous situation

COVID-19- Dangerous situation

Friday, 10th July 2020


Follow the guidelines

and social distance

the spread of Corona  can be halted

human beings can be saved before being assaulted


totally invisible with the complete surprise

pandemic has made inroad with the rise

in numbers to the administration

and an entire nation


"know it well" it shall stay

and m...

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No guilt feeling

No guilt feeling 

Thursday,9th July 2020


Are you ever fired upon by the office head?

for not complying orders and fail to read

the instructions in its true intent

the firing in strict words is sent


it makes one very much sad

the person is talked about the bad lad

who works not in true spirit!

but sticks to personal whims


one should lend the ears

and ...

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Test of wine

Test of wine

Wednesday,8th July 2020


Success is not in getting access

but in facing the bad phase

and raise head

to be well-read in crisis


you get success

and express

it with a smile on the face

that leave behind light's trace


success is such a taste of wine

that you shall always feel fine

with lot many things at disposal

for any individual


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Invisible enemy-Corona

Thursday, July 9, 2020

5:01 PM

Invisible enemy - Corona

Thursday,9th July 2020


An enemy has remained invisible

but causing anxiety, worry laden with troubles

people are dying in large numbers

never to return here again


Corona has played havoc all over

the entire world has witnessed it here

in a few days, people are no more

you are making entire human bein...

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Speak not a word

Speak not a word

Wednesday,8th July 2020


Speak a word

that shall be heard by Lord

but speak not

if not required


words have power

and can bring storm by thunder

it may shower

from the rain over an earth


if eyes can do the miracle

why struggle?

for unnecessary things

that can bring unpleasant storm


your body language speaks

and that is...

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My sweetheart

My sweetheart

Wednesday,8th July 2020


My sweetheart

lean humanitarian art

and play a clever part

you must have a good start


feel never sad

and concentrate on what is actually said

did you pay any attention?

for the relation built up!


don't stress more

and try to explore

on the positive side of human beings

they don't know what are they doing?


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Lay a wreath

Enemy is invisible
Wednesday,8th July 2020

Who can be termed as an enemy?
are they clearly defined already?
enough has been written and explained
but the "real spirit behind" it is not maintained

we talk about glorious past
and praise with the lasting words
"what should be a treatment for the defeated general?"
an answer was "as one king does with another king"

in modern days, the ...

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Forgive them all

Forgive them all

Tuesday,7th July 2020


Forgive o, lord

for their ignorance and words

and not knowing

what they are doing


not peace

but hate release

it has formed the base

to pass through the critical phase


does that hurt?

does impact the curt words?

It tears my heart apart

for blaming the human art


where are loving people?

who always...

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Hopelessness-Under sky

Tuesday,7th July 2020


Remember always

and find the ways

to remain a noble man

and good human too


man proposes

and God disposes

human beings have no choices

except to provide hollow promises


who cheats and to whom?

who shelters and who blossoms?

man thinks he uses his head with wisdom

and that quality is held by seldom


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In the true context

In the true context

Tuesday,7th July 2020


it always bothered

my mind with new offers

concepts, ideas, and thoughts

but I was never caught


thoughts as usual

it seemed me very casual

poets are good individuals too

but they are special people


what can influence the mind?

poets care little to find

as thoughts invade regularly

and form the part dail...

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God is omnipresent

God is Omnipresent

Monday,6th July 2020


we find an insect

but don't react

we find real movement

in each living object and thank for a moment 


why does it remind us?

to believe with the trust

that He is present in each particle

and takes care when faced by the trouble


billions of souls live on this planet

and get

full attention,

without the cons...

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Real human beings

Real human beings

Monday,6th July 2020


Workers. laborers and artisans

they all are real human

and form the backbone of any industry

and it is recognized universally


are they looked after well?

their woes and misery may tell

nothing is going in their favor

not even their life is spent with an honor


the recent plight of their migration

really shocked t...

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Beautiful reminder

 Beautiful reminder

Sunday,5th July 2020


Death is a beautiful reminder

to all human beings here

and that deters them from committing the sin

death menace has some fine scenes to observe


death is a full stop

even if life is at the top

you are a heavenly abode

even if you feel at odd


Nice people are remembered

criminals are not offered even condolences


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Lifelike, bubble

Lifelike bubble and

Sunday,5th July 2020


life is like bubble

for all the people

who always struggle

and come out victorious as  successful individuals


life is not only temporary

but instant and illusory

where you find the object

without any relevance of the fact


life seems enterprising

but comprising

the pain and anguish

with tragic finish



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Poets & readers

Poets & readers

Sunday,5th July 2020


Never get offended

if the comment is tended

to insult or cause indignation

try to strengthen the reader-poet relation


there has to be a broad understanding

and must go on never-ending

they will go on sending the comments

you appreciate it by responding it with quick response


some writers remain non-communicative


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No place-lies

No place- lies

Sunday, July 5, 2020

7:01 AM


 truth always stays at the top

and repeats its existence non-stop

any time you about the truth

it will be same, needing no proof


a lie has to lay quiet

if you repeat

it thousand times

it will become a human crime


a lie will make you restless

there shall always be guilt shades on the face

you will hide...

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Words & inspiration

Words & inspiration

Saturday,4th July 2020  9.26 AM


worlds not only inspire

but induct new spirit in an expired or dead soul

it has tremendous power

to attract any unwilling soul here


words are no less than the sharp weapons

they can create hell and heaven

instill the confidence in the minds of people

and awaken them to give the struggle


in olden days, ...

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Where from?

Where from?

Saturday, July 4, 2020

7:43 AM


Wherefrom the love originate?

who can show it and relate?

what can be the hidden source?

these are relevant questions and really guiding force!


it appears from the simple act

and remains a universal fact

that motherly love remains unaffected

whether it is with human beings or animals when acted


what has it t...

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Life self-confidence

Like self-confidence

Saturday,4th July 2020


Life is all that we think about

and do nothing to come out

from the uncertainty to the possibility

and leave it to the wish of an almighty


one should learn to keep self-confidence

and draw an inference

from the experience

with the availability of the chance


we all know" Life has swings"

that can bring fortu...

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So many questions

So many questions and

Friday, July 3, 2020

7:50 AM


So many questions remain unanswered

As no correct explanation can be offered

It is silently uttered

But can't be lead to the conclusion


Many question about the futility of life?

And its nature of having torn strife

Who can tell that this is life's nature?

As it has swings for our future


Why we are on...

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Human to err

Human to err

Friday, July 3, 2020

10:33 AM



Do I hold guilt conscience?

This thought itself made me tense

Who can pass such type of sentence?

Is it our show or mere pretense?


Each and every step

First I stop and think

What benefit shall I get?

If I let this opportunity not pass away!


After doing injustice to others

I develop cold feet and fear...

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Jealous poets-Poem Hunter

Jealous poets-Poem Hunter

Friday, July 3, 2020

7:35 AM


I failed to realize

How much Poem Hunter has obliged me?

What a space and place given!

This can never be forgotten


For long 12 years

It allowed me not to have any fears

For writing and putting views

It was really adventurous


I went on reaching high scales

With my own thoughts and tales

It r...

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Mild aspect

Mild aspect

Thursday, July 2, 2020

5:29 AM



What do I gather as impression?

When seen the nature around in relation!

Calm morning and no noise

It is time to wake up and promise


Yes, I look at the mountains

And maintain

The same honor with dignity

Along with the personal identity too


The river water instills the confidence

And provides me the c...

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Wrath & Anger

Wrath & anger

Thursday, July 2, 2020

5:07 AM


Of course

It is human curse

When you force

Other people to live under your heels


Why so much of hate?

When we hve to pass through the same gate!

Why at all racism should prevail?

And fail us as human beings


We are not condemned people

But we have struggled

For liberty and freedom

And that contribu...

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Father-with an alert eye

Father-with an alert eye

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

4:32 PM


Not only me as to the father

When some words are uttered

 they express not only an honor and pride

But real attachment not to be hidden


What a dashing performance?

And noticed by all at once

In the family and elsewhere

He is the only one character stubborn and fearless


Whether it is a day or ni...

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