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 Cuffed and collar’d – not entirely wedded n’ bound
 Retaining strength with freedom recently found
 In gallant splendour of posies he dutifully bade
 She became his princess, and nonchalant maid


She washed away his tears with sweat of sin
 An’ hell coloured hair that whipp’d his skin
 Oh scornful mistress! How can you chide and glow?
 Because, she smiled, that’s the way troubadour g...

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Katypoetesslovelove poetryShadows of Magdalene

"Of Lilith and Anthony" poetry collection available as an ebook on Amazon

My debut poetry collection "Of Lilith and Anthony" is a poetic narrative of a love affair, bringing to the reader the ultimate question of whether it is a modern day cautionary tale or romantic tragedy. The poetry speaks of anticipation, erotic and obsessive love within the confines and complexities of an extra-marital affair, that is bound by social norms and family expectations. These evocative ...

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love poemslove poetry

Of Lilith and Anthony e-book available soon!

entry picture



It’s almost done.  I am just waiting for the ISBN number and my first poetry collection will be available from Amazon.  It’s taken me two years, but it’s been worth it.  The collection consists of sixty-nine poems, telling the story of a love affair of obsession and romantic tragedy. Watch this space, and an official announcement that it’s available to download will soon follow….

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Katypoetesslove poetryOf Lilith and Anthony

We Can Escape

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The photo is the poem, and it is called we can escape. It is about love and adventure.

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Everything is full of you...

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It’s not a lie, everything is full of you, I can assure it;

the night we met,

the old lantern that shone on us

and perhaps your promises inspired these words

converted into grief


My heart, yearning for you,

looks for sweet words

to write in your soul


This love without words became my preferred tempo,

in the most perfect harmony,

in the most beautiful poetry


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love poetry

I only asked...

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I only asked for a few things...

the unique instant of feeling inside you,

to seal my lips and without speaking,  say “I love you”


Your life, in every corner of my hands,

the epitome of my dreams,

in the suns, in my thoughts,

drenched in glory


And grew for those whom thought it real!


Everything seemed like I dreamt you...

I don’t know, don’t know what I fe...

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love poetry

Of Lilith and Anthony - front cover preview...

entry picture

Here’s a preview of the front cover for Of Lilith and Anthony.  It’s a collection of narrative poetry, a story of possession and sexual obsession told through verse and photography.

I’ve been posting poems from the collection but soon it will be available on amazon as an e-book to begin with.  Will keep you posted on when this will happen…

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lovelove poetry

The Hierophant's Castle

The Hierophant guards. He guards and feeds from pack of thieves
that are drawn forlorn to his treasures. To rule, to hold, to perfect –
he placates and facilitates pretty carousel that spins flinging their
demons against pillars of law and liberty. A conservative duality of
white knight and coyote - unmoving face of majestic monument that never
falls. He covets the treasure, thieves and carou...

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lovelove poetry

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