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The Moon feels naught in futile circling

far off in bland acceptance of our plight;

while in that feeble light we half-blind stray

to situations shunned in light of day.


Her beams afford us sight attenuate

allowing indiscretions - thought and deed

and poets then, that cold dead orb invest

with subtle attributes no whit possessed.


As folly nightl...

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The Umpire’s Decision

The Umpire’s Decision 
at a Women’s Seniors Tennis Match


Sitting in this chair I see you,

Tension stretching every nerve.

My life’s tea would be much sweeter

With you there, “Miss Mills to serve.”


I remember other summers.

Football king meets tennis queen:

At first sight I lost my heart

To you, Miss Mills, at just “Fifteen, love.”



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Deep & Divine

entry picture


Honey can you tell me, is our sweet lover's moon shining there tonight?

here where I stand across the ocean deep it's soft glow is in full sight,

let it cast a blessing upon our pure loving for the magic of eternity,

for less than that time would be too short for the love you share with me…


In the soothing softness of the moonbeams we can express all our desires,


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Sir Arrow Green

Thief  Stealer

incognito   as Hinderstoop 

old want woman,   a bag 

a charcoal  keeper

 bowstring  travelling

 line  counter ears  and Christophers


Sir Green claims to be a gentleman Tanner

claims to honeyrights from  Ox Hive

Merry Bee Men in Waggle ranks

around their Bee King

Society outside  Society



Sir Green  r...

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Dauntless Dick Dark Dee Dee

Spread your skirts  Bessie 

here is Captain  Nice  the  Bandy  Dandy Randy Highwayman

land bored apples   from his  streaming  course


He is  nice, dangerous to be bad

new fashioned

 between the times


Shouts  slap  a kimbo    Dauntless  Dick defiance at   Red coats  in lights out

master stallion   a two a way a swift  over boxed in  parking


For t...

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The Language Of Love


The language of love is one we both know, it is in the eyes where passions show,        and in the rhythm of the pounding heart, the place where all true love does start...           
Love is a language of touch and caress, in kisses that bring out the very best, of communication at the depths of the soul, love is a language that has it's...

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You will be mine!


I’ll make you laugh I’ll make you smile

I’ll use my charm I’ll use my style

I’ll give you drinks I’ll get you drunk

you’ll look at me and see a hunk.


We’ll have a meal we’ll have a dance

we’ll dim the light for ambience.

I’ll kiss your lips I’ll kiss your neck

you’ll say to me, “Oh what the heck”.


Forget your worries and your cares

as I race...

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