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What are you afraid to say?

I've been asked, by people following my blog, to include the poems I read on my recent poetry tour, so I'm putting them on here, then will be providing links back here from the blog. Hence...


What are you afraid to say?


You stand and ask what I’m afraid to say?

I’m afraid to say lots of things:

afraid to say no, to say stop, to say sorry;

afraid to say I’m wrong.


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free speechpoetrypolitics

England, St George's Day 2010

entry picture

It’s on St George’s Day I sing

Elections getting into full swing

The candidates are Labour, Tory

Lib Dem, Green, Independent, BNP

And other assorted nutters

Idealists and cost-cutters

Spin doctors, bloggers and twitters

All hoping to put us on the right track

All hoping to put us back on the right track


Like we were once before

When would that be? ...

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moneypoliticsThe American Sandwich game..

Rebel With A Cause (v2)

I am a rebel against torture 

I am a rebel against pain 

I seek an end to hunger 

I seek an end to the shame 

The shame that comes from knowing 

all those children dying without water 

all those children dying without names 

all those children dying from war 

Why do men play their vicious games 

why do those men pretend to serve God 

when all they want is power over others 

when all the...

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Stop Saving

Stop saving for a rainy day: it's always raining, anyway.

There'll be no turning of the tide, the cavalry will never ride

to rescue you, so rest your cries: there is no path to paradise

that they won't bar, and Avalon

is just a Bryan Ferry song.


Forget your prayers, for they aren't heard; and every happy little bird

that sings above the rainbow knows that hope exis...

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bitter and twistedpoetrypolitics

Class War?

When the have-nots decide they'd like to have a little more

you call it class war, class war;

but when the rich declare a silent genocide against the poor

it's never class war, it's only case law.


When muslims get irate and say they'll detonate the state

you say it's faith that generates their hate;

but when the guys with home-made gelignite are English-born and wh...

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gender/sexualityIslamophobiapoetrypoliticsracismright-wing dickheads

Farewell Michael Foot

entry picture
So, farewell then, Worzell,
Orator, writer,
Peacemonger at The Cenotaph.
It was not really a donkey jacket
You, not really a leader.

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