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The Kiss

the kiss shouted passionately
you anguished tenderly
we kissed a placid mouth late
a desire loved us
the flower cuddled the languishing kiss slowly
she anguished desperately
a breeze anguished
the nice kiss anguished
a misery danced for you
the stormy love shouted tenderly

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Her Name Was Love


Her name was Love,


she lived on a beautiful island,


 bathed in the warmth of the sea,


 wore beautiful dresses,


 had no troubles to see.


She danced in the rays of the sun,


 sang cheerful songs,


 it was such a fun


to dance all day long.


But one day the weather has changed,


taking the kingdom ...

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My Crazy September Love


This autumn is so sweet,

it gives me so many presents,

this autumn is my best award,

this autumn is my golden lord.


I am lost in this warm September,

my love looks like ember,

but only with tender touch

it turns into a fire and burns much.


May be it’s my last flight,

so, I will hold it very tight.

I will not wait for the spring,

I wo...

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