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The blanket of snow you brought me
Made a mockery of my cold heart
Showed me how much I had to learn about love.
But I’m worried about the sunshine
You create in my world
Will it ever end?
I don’t want to watch your decline
As the first rays hit
Out of those dark clouds
You chased away
Just drips at first
Pure water
I could drink you
Cool on the skin
I washed my morn...

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His Majesty Accident


Accidental meetings,

accidental greetings,

accidental walks,

accidental talks,

accidental questions,

accidental answers..


What has happened?

Meetings, greetings,

walks and talks,

questions and answers

stopped being accidental.

Life has become sentimental.

Love has rushed into the circle

and quickly closed it.


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Feelings Have No Age


Feelings have no age,

feelings have no distance.

With coming years you become a sage,

only real love is your existence.


Your body feels more,

your heart beats faster,

your taste is sharper than before,

your soul becomes a master.


Feelings have no age,

they become even stronger.

Your love doesn’t live in a cage,

it has no time to pond...

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Wishing Well


Take my mind to freedom town,
grant me that last bliss,
far away from all past downs,
surely I've now earned this.

Once I was the partner, 
now I'm just the dad,
one time I was the carer, 
please let me lose the sad.

Sure I'll find a bump or two,
roads to heaven aren't always true
I only ask a fair passage there,
with the one for...

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It seems I wanted too much:

or may be just a touch.

May be a little bit more:

happiness with the one I adore.

May be a good morning kiss,

or sweet words: “My honey I miss”.


It seems I wanted too much:

to be happy as such,

to fly in the sky like a bird,

to be understood without a second word,

to listen to the songs of my Lord,

to give a smi...

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A moment of silence.

Breath out!

There is nothing to say aloud.

Reflection of passion in the eyes.


There is no time to realize.

They quickly open the door lock.

Breath out!

They look at the clock.

Endless kiss in the hall.


Don’t fall!

The sound of falling ring.

Breath out!

Ding, ding!

The smell of electricity on...

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