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A postcard from Happiness

The sunflower wished to share his seeds with everyone
As he lovingly tracked the sun
But they kept him in a cardboard box
All wilted
And the fire inside him never shone
This tragedy brings tears to the free
For they know what he misses
And what the perpetrator has done
And how petals unfolded bring beauty
But  this heartfelt core is shunned
What an offering for the world

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Love in a charcoal shell

inspired by our apparent obsession with tabloid love tales


Love in A charcoal Shell

Miss Maldives, Miss coral shoal
Your eyes have turned to coal
Crush them to make diamonds
Then ill really see the stars in your eyes
Squeeze so tightly upon the ghost of you
Wanting all of the real you back
I’m just loving a carcass
A fragile shell of carbon
For our love has been f...

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ankle chain

I’m going to make your name
Out of galvanised chain
I want us to last forever
Every link a letter
Every chink we get better
Endure this challenge
Forging bonds in the black sea
The hardest of salt
Cannot touch your myriad faults
As imperfection waves its withered hand
All over your brow
I stand at your stern
You support our vesseled bow
And we laugh at life’s ridiculou...

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And If...


And if that last time was the last to be,
still I carry you ever onwards with me,
to hold and to cherish as never was known,
you with the laughter and kisses soft blown.


And if the last time is still many years hence,
We will keep that last time in a fadeless scent,
bottled in memories that sit so firm and true,
with warm touches and moist lips never to go blue.


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Scene 13

love is forever

charity is forever true

friendship is neither

and life puts them both in the blue.

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Scene 13

love is forever

charity is forever true

friendship is neither

and life puts them both in the blue.

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For Under a Vowel Sounded Sky (And a Poetry Collection)

I've almost finished writing the poetry collection. This needs refining but the introduction will be something along the lines of this:

'The following collection is one of love. Each poem can be read on its own but together they tell the story of a year long relationship between two lovers, through their lust, their heartache, their love and their turmoil. It is not my own tale.'


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Talk of Love

I talk about love

as my heart calls its name,

but shards of the past

cut with bitterness.

And tears that run

are far from sweet,

salty to my lips,

but the light still glows

over the vacancy sign.

But part of me has surrendered,

and life goes on.

And I drift in solitude,

but I still talk about love.

Maybe if it hears my voice,

it will come ...

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no connecting(for Janet and all loud writers whom I love...without connection)

i like you all in cyber-space

not sure i'd like you to your face

in fact  i know i definitely not

would like you such a lot


you came into my face without permission

invaded my space and pervaded my person

made me feel like a guest in my own


mi casa no es su casa

my life is mine to lead

i do not sit in your place of authority

i do not he...

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growing Up well

My life is not an open book
for just anyone to read
yet my life has no secrets
that cannot be revealed.

some people revel in revelation
Some like to gossip a lot
some like to know secrets
Thinking it puts them on top.

Truth is the more you know
the less able you are to discern
So busy gathering secrets
you forget to learn

that Life is its own revelation
We sho...

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For Ways To Not Fall In Love


I will not ask your name
in case it becomes my new lullaby
turned over and over again.


I will not kiss you first
in case pecked it remains with me
a silent signature of your lips.


I will not dance with you
in case the drink blurs your face into my dreams,
watching between Love and Like.


I will not tell you my hopes
in case...

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