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A postcard from Happiness

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The sunflower wished to share his seeds with everyone
As he lovingly tracked the sun
But they kept him in a cardboard box
All wilted
And the fire inside him never shone
This tragedy brings tears to the free
For they know what he misses
And what the perpetrator has done
And how petals unfolded bring beauty
But  this heartfelt core is shunned
What an offering for the world
A scattering for all  fertile soils
A potential in every single one
Its as shame there isn’t more
So many Locked down by pocessive hands
Not willing to share
All the boxes that contain us
We wish we could shed
Everyone has the potential to be happy
To find spring in step where lead were legs
If we can just break free from it all
The grey Monday chores and the dregs
For one second may it all stop
And we tap each other on the shoulder
And say ‘look’
As we pause upon the spring
Very simple things unfolding around us
Somebody warm is coming
Buds are bursting from minus ten last month
Would the winter ever end?, but it does
The world gets faster and it shoves
The unnecessary consumer things
Makes a mockery of what is inside
Something very simple is within us all
Its called happiness
I know its there ive touched it.
I’m going to put on a sunflower hat and spread it
And bless every one of you
And if you have troubles
I shall show you how to kick them
And let the sunflower free
I’m sure the solution is locked inside
Even prisoners find a way
A massive hillside of swaying sunflowers
Magnificent!, stupendous!
We are going to be gargantuan together
Which way is Eden!, which way utopia
Timbukto Nova Scotia
What an awesome sight of the smiling, and not a chemical in sight
Every single one of us smiling
Kicking the boxes down the hillside
Swigging on alcoholic miracle grow
All our troubles in those boxes
Kicking them down the hillside
Manic sunflowers
Insane on happiness



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clarissa mckone

Tue 31st Aug 2010 01:55

great poem

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jane wilcock

Sat 1st May 2010 14:05

Hi Pete, I think pocessive should be spelt possessive?
This is a lovely inspirational poem which I am going to read on monday mornings before trooping off to work. Dont make the box out of metal, I guess, at least a cardboard box decays in the rain which gives us all a chance!

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clarissa mckone

Sat 1st May 2010 04:32

Its really nice and happy.It made me fel happy for a small amount of time.Im very upset about the BP spill, and the gulf dieing, and all the turtles and dolphines and shrimp and birds.

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Fri 30th Apr 2010 21:02

This is so positive and uplifting Peter!
My favourite parts are:
'A massive hillside of swaying sunflowers
Magnificent!, stupendous!
We are going to be gargantuan together'

'Manic sunflowers
Insane on happiness'


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 26th Apr 2010 11:13

A great idea, with some very fine images. Sounds quite 'immediate'. I would love to see it tightened; and I do not think it would lose that element of joyous spontaneity if done carefully. It is emotion that carries it through as it is. I do know that is exactly what you wanted. I still would like to see the whole somewhat harnessed, more of a 'postcard' than a 'letter'.

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