The Apprentice

The Apprentice

"I saw it all"
said the witness
"For I am the carpenter"
head down, foot up,
arm stretching ever more...

"Try to keep it to that line
hold it straight and true."
Teeth vibrating every stroke
board slipping, blood dripping,
from the deep cut then resulting.

"Darn it!"
Said the seamstress
"A stitch in time
you know will save nine."
Came forth from her needle tongu...

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All Butt All

All Butt All


Barely bothered as he lay down his weary head
Life was so much hassle, he just wished he could be dead

The medics kept his ticker beating as it should
But at what quality of living, he felt none understood

It's a dog's life he thought with such irony
If I had but been a dog, wouldn't they end this misery

Brighter days were now few and so far between
His memories s...

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School Rules

School Rules


I have to say with words I play so much it ires some peeps

But those that like to listen still are my friends for keeps

Whilst back in school my rhymes did rule too much from time to time

In English class acceptable but in History t'was viewed a crime


One day we had to tell the tale of Henry and his wives

But I was bored and pepped it up with a few comic as...

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Winter On The Trailer


Back in the mid seventies, I spent some time working with a company that specialised in organizing sales based around taking container loads of goods direct to the car parks of large factories so that staff could purchase goods at rather low prices for the day. One time we had a real struggle due to the temperature falling very low overnight. I wrote this while shivering on the van...



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Dusty Books

Dusty Books


I'm a poet 

Not a mechanic

If the rhyme breaks down

Should I panic?


For each syllable stretch

And stumbling scan

Do I search for another

Or act like a man


Must the purpose I scribe

Be for passing a test

Or maybe some mention

Of a tale with some zest


I think the audience tell 

If they like it or not

And may offer a silence


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