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Wait For The Flag To Unfurl

So you come to me and say 'I'm free'
And you claim all your words are true
Then you run from me, saying 'Set me Free'
Such confusion runs through you

Some years I spent in quiet retreat
Without such strife if incomplete
Dont play these games no more with me
Far better I'm left to rot in solitary

Each time you've run and turned again
And its truly sad to see your pain
But when ind...

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Love Decides The Cast

Love Decides The Cast

Love did not arise

It sneaked up from behind

Love did not surprise

It just controlled the mind


All our senses swamped

All our logic shot

All desires inflamed

All at such a cost


Love burns so very bright

A supernova in our heart

Love takes us day and night

And breaks us when we part


All our futures centred

All passions r...

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Long Lost My Heart

When did my troubled heart last open it's door
Easing your entry to it's welcoming glow
So many years past since such invasion 
Crept stealthily in 'ere I could sense it show

The blend was changing so deep within 
Taking such time to let me feel cheeks aglow
When your fair visage came once more into view
Take heed poor heart your defence did never know

Quietly healing from scars hi...

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My Eyes Will Ever

My Eyes Will Ever
Tip me a wink 
Don't let my heart sink
There's so much passion in the thoughts that I think
Pray hold out your hand
Help me to understand
All that your heart wants to find in a man
Look deep in my eyes
Take full note of my sighs
I can promise you nothing if you take these for lies
I will seek out your trust

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I only glimpse it now, so far away, but bright and clear.

The rapture of  a fading world - another place, some other year.

Those nights of shattered moonlight strewn on marbled seas,

where frangipani whispers were caresses on the breeze.


From the shadow of the palms I watched you dance

the tideline, shed your silks, and with one glance

you robbed my soul and beckoned wit...

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you won’t be good for me
but I don’t care.
I know the connotations
of the colour of your hair.
red screams danger,
warning, stay away.
maybe I should try
a little danger fix

you won’t be nice to me
and I don’t mind.
nice girls normally don’t
I often find.
and who needs nice
in preference
to rollercoaster thrills?
when nice can suffocate
and boredom slowly kills.

you won’t be...

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