The Sketching of a Shadow Once Described by a Blindman with Third Hand Knowledge

space like a fluid piano, notes effervescent 

unnamed, unaimed-for doorway at 4 a.m

kept awake by numbers, bloody spirals in hearts and eyes. 

Numbers? Burn em! 

set flames to the equations that turned our 

magical reality into a dead clock 


death to the legacy of Einstein 

and his fancy corpseverse

the cheating genius completed the inversion

by making Tesla turn in his spot and fall in love 

with the only white pidgeon in the park


space like a sole enclosing retina, 

vitreous, cause and effect discarded, a

preview of dark quanta and not-so spooky

action at a distance

and Schrodinger's cat was born in 1935

so we know the answer to that question 


space like a planet of its own, 

the Earth one grand continent 

with floating Isles in orbit 

space polarised from inaction to motion 

where wheels within wheels and the world wide web twist turn and resonate with such violence 

it is indistinguishable from stillness 


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