How To Apologize To Your Wife


For whatever I did

I am sorry

it was not my best moment

I now grovel at your knee

begging for forgiveness

it does not matter

what it was I did

no need to get into specifics

whatever I did was horrible

and I promise

it will not happen again

men are not too perceptive

and just do not pick up on

the subtleties of a woman's personality

we have no feelings

we have no insight

we are just not aware

we only want what satisfies

our basic nature

men are dogs

but you are a angel

on a golden cloud

with wisdom and love

and perfect understanding



can we eat?


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Tue 3rd Mar 2020 20:15

They just don't understand our complexity.

Even I don't, so honestly what chance have they got,I ask you. Ha!

Never underestimate how thick a guy can be.


Tue 3rd Mar 2020 11:19

Do not show to your wife! or mine! 😃

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