Haunt Alive

when I die

i will haunt the world 

as a ghost in a white crown of thorns 

for all the little ones who never make it home

and the kind-hearted who open their doors

to the mad and malicious never to be seen again


when i die

i will haunt the world

as pure trauma surfing the brainwaves 

of killers, rapists, torturers 

and with God's armour brightly about me

i shall turn them all into gardeners

give faces to the phantoms

shred the sticky masks of burning churches

pour water on the painted horrors of the clowns


and though the darkness of some truths could

make a black hole blush the difference is 

Our Light escapes. 


when i die

the fight will continue, weapons upgraded, demons demonitised, the battle quickened


so kill me now

that i may become the emanation you fear

beyond yourself


until then

i will haunt the world alive. 

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jennifer Malden

Tue 3rd Mar 2020 19:46

Loved this one as it is horrifying! The examples in the first verse are so common nowadays it seems. Great prison sentence to turn killers, rapists and torturers into gardeners. Would they only grow deadly nightshade, oleanders and castor oil plants to name just a few? Really original and needs to be thought about at length.


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