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Never means never!!!

I'll never go back to the hell where I came from

It's not a place for me to live or hang around

No matter how many chains they put around me

No matter how many evil verses surround me

My God will never let me retreat into that devil's home

Where witches live imprisoning every pious soul

The two ugly frustrated witches sit with their evil pot

Reciting demonic verses in order to control others thought

For long they managed to have their own way at all cost

But then suddenly everything changed against their evil pot

An angel came from heaven searching for a lost soul

Found me near a well of sadness crying woefully with agony and pain

Finally the angel took the reigns I  his own hands

Furiously fought all the demons killing them one by one

I haven't forgotten those horrible days and nights I lived in that stinking dungeon 

Never will I retreat into the evil womans home filled with pathetic demons

Who are sitting hungrily awaiting my return to devour me and finally kill me

Even before they will realize what has happened of me,

my God will rescue me into safest fort that he has built for me

◄ Exam fever!! 🤪

Help please!!!! Desperation!! ►



Mon 2nd Mar 2020 16:24

Thank you Po and V......your words are motivating n encouraging. 💐

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Mon 2nd Mar 2020 00:44

Our own determination is how we win the fight. Powerful words. Godspeed my friend.

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Sun 1st Mar 2020 23:06

Always remember 'The way' Do.

May you always walk and stay in the light.



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