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Help please!!!! Desperation!!

I wish I could build the home

Where we could live an eternal love

A home for just you and me

And our going to be lovely family


I have tried all my best of plans

To make it work out in our favour

But nothing seems to respond

I am losing my heart and soul


Running around corner to corner

Seeking help from unknown and known people

A straw is enough of help to grasp at this hour

Hope of help lingers pretty well


Solace is all I seek

Meeting people who could make it true

Help me build a home for you and me

Where I can live with you finally


O my knight in shining armour

I have tried my best to build  home

Tried every possible way to do it alone

Sought help from each and every one


I don't know what are the plans of almighty

My little heart is breaking and soul dying of anxiety

I need to be there with you as soon as possible

For at least I could breathe my very last in your arms 


I just can't sleep peacefully 

My anxiety is killing me completely 

As if something is trying to rip us apart

Creating madness within my heart


I can't delete anything about you from within me

Although you haven't physically touched me

But our souls can love each other even from million miles

And this is how without you till now I have survived


Never ever think about leaving me and going away

For I am nothing without you and your love anyway

I am but a lifeless soul, anxiously awaiting your return

Please return as fast as you can as I am dying every second, every hour

◄ Never means never!!!

Hey you!! ►


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Wed 4th Mar 2020 21:32

That's my girl!
Yea! Go Do.



Wed 4th Mar 2020 17:14

Thank you Po, you have always supported me and tried best to uplift my drowning spirit. At times sadness engulfs, one can not have a spiritual high all the while, these fluctuations show that we are humans not Angel's or robots.
Ah! Sometimes the pain overpowers every other feeling, and loneliness kills everything else and brokenness defines the very persona.
Thank you Po!! My model, my virtual superhero💕


Wed 4th Mar 2020 17:11

Thank you Don!💋


Wed 4th Mar 2020 17:10

Thank you Hannah!!

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Tue 3rd Mar 2020 22:05


...I am so pleased that this poem has attracted the amount of feminine attention that it has.
Binte, Hallielle, Catherine, Do, Hannah. I would like to thank you all for your likes.

Often I withhold some of more dusky musings, they often arrive on a day that brings some of the darker sides of life out into the everyday world... Thankfully most do see the events of the day that seep from my ‘working mind’ melding with the day to day reality of . . . Well, normal life.

I find much solace in writing poetry, however, at times I know some of my inspirational input originates in minds that have left this world behind under very dark circumstances and they like me, find release from the events that led to their demise.

So thank you all.

Do I have reposted this here for a very important reason.

However much we wish to control our future our fate and or futures and fate of others it is, as I know you know Do. In the hands of a much wiser, loving, kinder mind than we could ever comprehend.

You have known me long enough now to know that I have always strived to help you on your journey through life. wherever it takes you.

I am saddened to read this piece from you.

I must strongly stress here... You have not let me down, you have not let anybody down in any way shape or form.

However, when you have learnt to ‘let go and let Allah’, you will find all the peace and happiness you desire.

You made some very astute observations about me that rang true and helped me to step out and step up.

You know that the eye we see God with is the eye that Gods sees us with.

Think about this, meditate on this.

Ask NOT what Allah can do for you... Rather what You can do for Allah.

Almost daily I see the demise of others who did not live a life well lived... and the demise of others who lived a saintly life, in service to others.

It matters not what you think Do... It is what you feel in your heart. If it is feeling empty it is perhaps because it is.


It is so full of what was, and of what was/is not, there is no room for what Allah has planned for you to enter yet.

Holding you in my prayers

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 22:32

This is not meant to take away from the seriousness of your piece but I think another Rollercoaster ride in the LMS Theme Park might help buck you up.....


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Hannah Collins

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 20:50

Very moving.


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