It's dark

But ain't night

It's lonely

But ain't alone

It's cold

But ain't winter's

It's painful

But ain't any injury

It's hurting

But ain't crying

It's death

But ain't in grave yet

It's loud

But ain't screaming 


The worst feeling

To be loved and then unloved

To be cared for then uncared

To be moving in a direction then left undirected


O the heart! Cool and calm

O the mind! Behave yourself fine

O the soul! Be patient for a while






There's time for everything 

Now is the time to pause






O my sorrows

Unhold me, ungrip me

I have let you free

You go away from me

Unpain me, undo me


Love is a bitter sad happiness 

E.otions and feelings charged

Strengthening but causing helplessness 

◄ Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!

So sad!!!!!!!!!!!! ►


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