So sad!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so much to write and say

Many words to live the life I would care

There are oceans of sound captured within

The noise needs a thorough venting

Letting out all the blocked injuries and pain

Marvells of great art of poetry and imperfect paint


There's so much of story left unrelated

Living a hidden life of an uncommon ribbon

Tied on a knot so tight, unable to release them


I feel my emotions tongue tied and baseless

Falling on dead ears bringing no change

Flipping flopping through each door and gate

Trying to figure out whether to stay silent or narrate 


There's well of emotions surging within my unconscious gate

It's too late, honey it's too late

Blowing around in madness my crazy little heart's alertness


I have so much to say, many words to replay

An act of tyranny and dismay

Unable to speak my mind and finding a perfect way



◄ Unbreakable!!

Sans life!!!!!!!!! ►


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Fri 14th Feb 2020 01:17

A great write Donald. Much conveyed yet much wasn't perfectly. Thanks!!!

Thanks Mika and Don.

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Don Matthews

Thu 13th Feb 2020 23:16

Why can Donald Anderson comment when he has no account and profile in WOL ? Any anwers?

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Thu 13th Feb 2020 22:46

Beautiful response, Donald... we all need to hear that at some point.

Donald Anderson

Thu 13th Feb 2020 22:38

Poetic Response:

Trees are now known to have heartbeats,
the tortoise cannot be touched by the penalty of Hawaii law.

Tree, do not those branches still speak,
when they sigh of the air passing through their leaves,
great spiritual heaves,
ocean rush or river pour,
the sounds unique like a lion's cry in the night.

Tortoise, do not your untouchable fins move you far distances,
making progress yet in your transoceanic drifts?
The beauty you seek is still around, still within,
if one turns it around and looks at it again.
The change is slow, but it is there,

we are more than dust in the wind.


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