Say something that gives peace to me

Send words flying through blowing love

Showers of hugs and kisses anointing my broken soul

Warmth full of embrace that lasts longer than eternity 


Plan someway like Moses struck the stick parting the sea

Making a way from nowhere to a place of serene security

Into those gardens of bliss and delight let's fly to alight

Crafting a world of our loveliest dreams for us to be


Return to me as soon as your legs could carry

Right into the haven created for us by God almighty

Build an unbreakable and impenetrable fortress around us 

Subduing every evilness, wickedness playing between us


Plant a goodly tree of virtuous uprightness

Strengthening our faith and belief in times you come

Holding the mighty rope with love and devotion

As our Lord pulls us closer to him and we do the same


Return to the parched land of eternal love and honesty

Wishing to be drenched headlong in your bounty

A mystery of desertness engulfs a sleeping me

Only to be rescued and freed by a knight as strong as thee


Do away willingly the aching soul and a hurting heart

Loneliness has slashed and caused a monstrous art

Fill me, grip me, hold me tightly, drawing closer within my soul

Help me feel wholesome, healthy and a better me forevermore 


Come to me, so I shall wet your face with loving kisses

To plant my love over your lovely eyes, forehead, cheeks, chin, temples and your supple lips

Holding you closer, pulling you wildly into me, hearing your pulse and heartbeats

Running my fingers all over you to feel the proximity


Entwine our souls, body and our mind

Into eternal bliss of light and happiness

Taking us along a newer heights of knowledge and wisdom 

All around the lands calling our names to live and feel blessed forevermore 


Shine your light upon us O our Dear God

We need you today and in our every hour

Guide us, love us, keep us always safe

Hold our hearts and souls in your mighty, merciful care

◄ Return!!!!

Betrayed???????? ►


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