I wish to sleep away my pain

Until you finally return and be back again

Have lived a life of hope all this while

Only thinking about you and our life ahead

My heart beats your name over and over again

My pulse has a rhythm playing your name 

If I could silence these thoughts rising within

I would use the inner peace to echo our memories

Those few days we spent in mild love and togetherness 

Did slowly increasing the lyrical words at play

A new height of love and togetherness attained

Although far away yet our souls forever living togetherness 

There are things preordained and this is one among those

Destined to meet at a local nook and staying in each other's hearts forevermore 

Life isn't just the same ever since you went away

Many a storm I battled to win my love and keep intact

Many a tide fell upon me roaring the loudest monstrous yell

Your silent help and prayers uplifted my falling energies

Now it's time to join the lost souls and lock them as one till eternity

Solemn vows of truth and honesty to be taken on a virtuous pedestal

No more tears or loneliness to spell or write again

Here is the time that has swept us past our unhappy hours

Choosing a way for us to glorious mountains of eternal love

Come back to me now, a silent prayer I make to my Lord above

A gate opens beyond the heavens where the prayers never go wasted

A reality of those night prayers comes into form with neverending joy

A blessing most awaited and an hour of honour and happiness

Recovering my brokenness anointing my loneliness

The air circulates your smell as I slowly rise from my bed this morning 

Breathing within me the love I always wanted from the beginning 

Come back to me now!!! 

Come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

◄ Missing!!!

Inspired!!! ►


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