The Libra Factor

I feel a peculiar melancholy

As though waiting for a tide of tears

From some part of myself which I do not control.

More refreshment, I think, than despair.

'Sheer nonsense.' chides my brain,

But I take no heed.

Life is not purely Reason, Physics or Emotion.

Balance - all is Balance.

I'm not Libra-born for nothing.


As I grew out of childhood

And became more knowledgable of worldly ideas,

The view of pre-determined personality

According to the placement and travelling of stars

Was intriguing.

I had no thought of conforming to the Libra 'notion'

Artificially, whimsically.

I was living within the parameters already,

Unconsciously, consistently, contentedly.

It was unsettling to realize this.

It was not reasonable.


It's not easy balancing Logic on one hand

And Magic on the other.

It makes me wholly sympathetic

To Life itself - all Life.

So, I straddle the line with a laugh.

And I consider the concept of Beauty -

In everything.

Because Beauty has no boundaries ......

I think.


Cynthia Buell Thomas, Jan., 2020





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Martin Elder

Mon 3rd Feb 2020 20:00

So beautifully and wonderfully put Cynthia.

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 2nd Feb 2020 03:43

The 6th day of the tenth month

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 1st Feb 2020 17:11

A blank page is like a DRUG
To the mind!
It screams to be written upon
Or it has no purpose.

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