They seek shelter from the rain

In the doorways of the city

Although the lights shine so bright

Believe for them it's far from pretty

Watching the world pass them by

In a kaleidoscope of grey

Feeling like nobody notices them

As we continue with our day

All they ask for is a moment

Someone to stop and talk

Providing them with some comfort

From life's painful, lonely walk


They may ask for change

But it's not money they desire

The chance to live a normal life

Is for what their hearts aspire

Some place safe to rest their heads

Enough food for their aching bellies

A warm shower to keep them clean

It's not a lot to ask for really.


In such a world of plenty

It's so hard to understand

Why greed sweeps its way

Like a snake across the land

Why governments elected

As representation for the people

Line their pockets with poor mans gold

As they commit such acts of evil.


Taxation leads to bankruptcy

Which in turn leads deeper into hell

The closure of hospitals

Leaves us broken and unwell

The closure of businesses

Results in a lack of employment

turning to the bottle to numb the pain

Believe it's not through enjoyment.


They have scars upon the surface

But the real pain is deep within

Shadows of their former selves

They have lost everything

Some of them will die out there

As the winter chill begins to bite

In one of the richest countries

How can this be deemed as right.


They may ask for change

But it's not the kind you find in cups

They want people to fight for them

And never, ever give up

All they want is their fair chance

To live an ordinary life

Full of laughter and love

A warm bed to sleep in at night




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Tony Andrews

Wed 29th Jan 2020 04:52

Itsjustmedownhere thanks so much 😁

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Jordyn Elizabeth

Tue 28th Jan 2020 03:25

This was beautifully written, well done.

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Tony Andrews

Mon 27th Jan 2020 23:27

Thank You Mika thats very kind of you 😃

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Sun 26th Jan 2020 15:25

Enjoyed this one very much.

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