Outside Painters

Outside Painters

I will admit, if pressed for time,

That Graffiti Artists make telling points,

Expressing their fragile selves sublime

While pulling on apocryphal joints.


It's hard work peering round threat-laden corners,

Snatching moments that fashion the ego;

Time's their enemy, these spraycan performers,

Not the dying curse of autumnal Dido.


The self's dominium is rampant, supreme,

It worships Cartesian worlds of reason,

So sod off CCTV, I'm what I seem -

New life ablaze in the growing season.


Chris Hubbard


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Chris Hubbard

Fri 24th Jan 2020 13:51

Good evening, M. C. Newberry,

I have merely a single point, namely: "Quite" .

All the the best,

Chris Hubbard


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 22nd Jan 2020 17:54

Many examples of today's graffiti seem to lack the wit that might have
made them successful inheritors of a venerable tradition and
indicate merely the outward expression of an ego on the march...
the visual equivalent of a pub bore hammering home a point.

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