Die Sonne (The Sun)

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We see the sun shine every morning
she brings light and hope and happiness
and love to the world
she nurtures and warms us
and makes this world a cheerful place
But then the night descends
and we don’t see what happens to the sun
does she get extinguished by a malevolent entity
that robs her of everything she is
is she slowly covered over
to be hidden away and held captive by
a controlling force
until morning comes
and she can arise again
finding the solar powered strength
to shower us all in her warmth and glory
Is she cloaked in darkness
jealously hidden
hoping no one else can see her beauty
is she slowly drained
of her life sustaining heat
so as not to be shared with the rest of us
by a spiteful being 
Or when morning comes
does she shine a little brighter
because she has been promised
she can follow a path across the sky
of tattered dreams
dreams that will protect beloved ones
a path of promises made so long ago
then broken
that are also hidden in the dark
so that the sun knows not
what is a dream
and what is reality
We don’t know
and maybe we never will
all we are sure of
is that we get to wake upon each morning
to her resilient glow
and laugh and play in the sunshine
of her brilliant smile
and those of us that love her
will never take her for granted

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Lisa Milligan

Mon 12th Apr 2010 11:40

This was written for a dear friend who was going through a particularly hard time in her marriage.

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