After a long and illustrious decline

my grammar school was razed to the ground

to make way for housing,

flags of conquest flown.


"People must live somewhere"

the developers said

sweeping up any doubts that remained

of the advantages undoubtedly gained.




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Wed 15th Jan 2020 16:49

Ah Brian a philosophical view thanks. Most schools get bad press in the end especially academies. Wot can you say?

Thanks Don repetition is one answer. A curse by any other name. .

Mark. It's simple economics i suppose. Accountants United.

Thanks all for commenting.


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M.C. Newberry

Mon 13th Jan 2020 15:25

There is a certain irony in the attitude that advocates the
destruction of a place of education for the benefit of housing (*) for
those least likely to gain from it today!
(^) should that be "house builders"?)

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Don Matthews

Mon 13th Jan 2020 01:46

People must live somewhere
Simple. cut down trees
Build ugly apartments
Spread them like disease

Causing this disease
No probs, build more apartments
And just cut down more trees


Brian - you will relate to this.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 12th Jan 2020 23:18

Ray...within a few years my grammar school went from top school in the borough to near the bottom as political dogma converted it to a comprehensive, with intake from its local catchment area. Not housing yet as far as I know, though I expect the 2nd year boys have done their best to raze it to the ground. Can't really complain as it made me the educated man wot I is today.

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